I’m reluctant to total up how much I’ve spent on to do apps from the App Store. But I don’t use any of them on a regular basis. So when I came across Task Pro I wasn’t sure whether to take a look or not.

There is one one particular feature available in Task Pro that made the decision for me. It’s a feature that sets it apart from the majority of other to do apps. Read on, and I’ll explain what it is.


Beat Blaster: Turning Your iPad Into a Hi-Fi System

The music player built into the iPad is perfectly fine. It does everything you need it to do, and it’s easy to use. However, it could be argued that what is missing is an element of fun. And that is where the Beat Blaster app steps in. It’s designed to have that retro Hi-Fi look and feel, and pulls it off rather nicely.

It isn’t just about looks though. Beat Blaster has a nice array of features that allow for music playback in the style of a Hi-Fi from the late Eighties. But it does let you get on with choosing some songs from your library and playing them just like you would from the Apple music player. The main difference being, Beat Blaster does it with style. Does it work for the long term though? Could it really be used as a replacement for the default music player? Lets take a look.


Not everyone uses the camera on their iPad. I suppose that’s because it does look a bit strange wandering around pointing an iPad at the next great photo opportunity. However, using an iPad to scan a document seems like something we could all find useful.

That is certainly what Readdle, makers of Scanner Pro, want you to think anyway. Scanner Pro is a universal app that allows you to scan various types of document using your iPad’s camera. I have used this app on my iPhone and find it excellent. I have an iPad 2 so I decided to see what limitations there are when scanning with version 4.0.2 of the app. Readdle do say for optimum results you are better off using the iPhone version, or a new iPad. Let’s see if they are right…


Lovely Charts: Create Beautiful Diagrams

The Lovely Charts app hit the App Store on the 8th December. It takes a different approach to creating charts on your iPad, based on gestures, and tap and touch, rather than selecting from menus.

It has entered a fierce competition space, with the powerful TouchDraw and OmniGraffle being 2 such competitors. So can Lovely Charts live up to its name? And can it compete with the well established charting apps? Let’s take a look.