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Something is in the iOS game development water this week, because so many great games have just been released that it’s hard to decide what to play first.

In this roundup you’ll find a certain sword-wielding master of the universe, some zombies who’ve decided to take over Tinseltown, a group of battle bots on an intergalactic mission, a contract killer named Jack Griffin and a shape-shifting warrior. Come on, let’s take a look. (more…)

Have you heard the common expression “tongue-tied?” Well, one of the games in this week’s roundup will have you “finger-tied.” And I’ll let you try to guess what that might mean.

There are also games in which you get to save mankind, defy a planet full of squares and skateboard over anything and everything (and without the threat of possible injury, natch). Oh, and there’s also this game about a hedgehog named Sonic. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Check it all out after the jump. (more…)

As the App Store has swelled in size, it has become increasingly difficult to find those sparse gems — apps that can be a real treat to stumble upon. Sky Survey happens to be one of them. I first heard about the app while watching an episode of Horizon on the BBC iPlayer service and, utterly captivated by its premise and development, decided to track it down.

The cornerstone principle of the app is nothing new; in fact, you may have heard of Night Sky as an app that also details the many celestial objects on show above our heads. However, that’s where the similarities end. The end result of Sky Survey is derived largely from one man’s painstaking efforts to capture the Milky Way in unprecedented detail; an effort that has yielded some of the most breathtaking images I have ever seen. Stick around after the break to lose yourself in space. (more…)

This week’s roundup has you building worlds; dominating space; trying your hand at something a little like virtual origami; making your way through a mad professor’s body in creepy-crawly fashion; and reuniting some hair-happy balls with their mushrooms. Yes, you read that right.

Come on, let’s take a look. (more…)

This week’s roundup includes a few games with names that, for whatever reason, just weren’t selling me on the idea. (I’ll let you guess which ones.) But after I played them, I was reminded why you shouldn’t immediately write off an app based on that alone. Of course, I’m still sometimes guilty of judging an app by its icon, but that’s a whole other thing, right?

Get ready for a bunch of animals who like riding in trucks; rebooted monsters with a penchant for high-rises; some very badly drawn famous faces; fish who aspire to be heroic in the face of tragic kidnappings; and football players with a sense of humor. Hit the jump to check it all out.


Apple’s alternative to Google Maps, included with iOS 6, has been disappointing to many users. From the little information errors and graphical glitches to the lack of public transportation within the app, the default mapping software is nothing to boast about. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, apologized for the many lacking functions and erroneous information, saying that the more people use it, the better it will get. Until then, what should users do?

The App Store now has a section dedicated to good Maps alternatives, though the apps in its page aren’t all as amazing as Google’s mapping system on Android. Since there’s more to look for, I ventured into the depths of the App Store and found a few appealing pieces of software. There are apps for everything, not just mapping and navigation, so keep reading to check them out. (more…)

Audiophiles have plenty to complain about when it comes to music players. Algorithm-based systems, such as those popularized by the likes of Pandora, lack the human element when picking selections to play. Similarly, streaming apps ⎯ including Live365 and Songza ⎯ are pre-programmed to someone else’s taste, with little chance for outside influence of the playlist. Spotify is hit or miss depending on list creators, who may or may not have the most expansive (or even good) tastes in music!

When it comes to music discovery, can a balance be struck between being controllable and being out of the box? seems to thinks so. The app uses blogs, the top curation tool of music experts, to guide listeners to new music.

Is’s method of mixing up in-the-know pros’ playlists the key to keeping listeners tuned in? Find out after the jump. (more…)

This week’s roundup of games brings you a runner game with futuristic graphics, a combat game with a royal rebel for a hero, an alien that’s simply run out of fuel, a sequel (of sorts) to Angry Birds, and a completely addictive puzzler involving a popular pastime — doodling.

Hit the jump and we’ll take a look. (more…)

It’s Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

This week we bring you a classic that’s been updated as an endless runner; a super-addictive medieval city-building game; an army of pint-sized recruits set on liberating as many nations as possible; a drop-dead gorgeous RPG that’s truly the whole package; and a movie tie-in game featuring a resort run by vampires. (No, not those vampires. But give these guys a chance.)

Click “more” and let’s take a look!


It’s Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

If there is one thing the iPad is good at, it’s gaming. The 9.7-inch screen is the perfect canvas for any developer to make a killer game. Since us writers really love iPad games, we cover them a lot. Heck, it’s even Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm and iPhone.AppStorm.

With the growing market of games for the iPad, it’s quite hard to sort out the good from the bad. Of course, there will always be the classics that we can rely on, but there are tons of other lesser-known games that are just as great. This roundup brings the best of both worlds together. Did your favorite games make it to the top 50? Find out after the break. (more…)

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