Do You Use Headphones With Your iPad?

I was testing an app on my iPad mini the other day, and was thinking about the stereo speakers on the bottom of the device. They don’t get super loud (although that’s not really shocking), but it gets the job done for me, typically. As I thought about it more, I wasn’t sure that I had ever used a pair of headphones on the iPad — or any of my iPads, other than once on a flight.

Looking among the rest of my friends and family, I saw that some use docks, some use headphones and sometimes even a Bluetooth speaker. What about you? Do you use headphones or something similar with your iPad? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Daryl

    I’ll normally use my Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones, about £65, for watching TV or films on the iPad if my wife is watching something on TV or is reading in bed. Occasionally I’ll use my Apple earbuds instead but the headphones were bought for that purpose softens to get used the most.

    If in my own though, I wouldn’t bother with either as the sound from the built-in speaker/s is good enough, although cupping a hand around it does improve it.

    • Daryl

      Dammit! “Softens” was intended to read as “so tend”; and “in my own” as “on my own”…

  • Steve

    Three iPads in our house and the rule is always use earbuds. If I’m alone and need to watch a quick video I may not use them, but the sound on iPads is too weak for long-term listenening through the small speaker.