Do You Use Your iPad as a Camera?

Every so often I’ll be out at an event, or maybe just watching TV, and I’ll see someone using their iPad either to take video or a still shot. And I think to myself, “Why are they doing that?” To me, it looks like you’re holding a clipboard in front of your face, and it’s just not quite as svelte or nice as it would be with your iPhone or dedicated camera.

But maybe that’s just me. What do you think? Do you use your iPad to take pictures or shoot videos? Let us know in the comments to the right!

  • c

    HWhere’s the option for: “AHAHAHA no. I’d rather be dead than be seen wielding a tablet to take a low quality picture with my iPad”

    Or: “No, I like to laugh at the people who do

  • Jeff

    I’ve only had an iPad mini for less than a month, but have found that it makes shooting stable video much easier than on an iPhone. For photography, though, it’s the iPhone all the way.