Do You Use Your iPad for Music?

When I bought my first iPad, I got home, unwrapped it and put most of my movies on the shiny device. But the music? That stayed right in my iTunes library because I didn’t need it. And why would I? There was never a point where I could see myself hanging around and listening to music on my iPad when my iPhone was just as close and more convenient.

But what about you? Do you listen to your music collection on your iPad? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • @Khouba

    Yes, but I’m streaming music from NAS, so I don’t need to have my collection in the iPad

  • Ian C.

    I have my “best” playlist (about 1/3rd of collection); almost solely used on flights – I’m using iPad anyway for games/reading, might as well use it for music too

  • Tuomas Hämäläinen

    I have the same collection of music on my iPad as on my iPhone though I don’t listen to it on the iPad that often. But it’s nice to have it there just in case.

  • Dave M.

    Your poll doesn’t have enough choices… The choice missing for myself is:


    I don’t need to justify my sometimes answer by saying it doesn’t have access to my entire collection because these days, pretty much everybody has access to their entire collection of music via a streaming source.

  • Graham

    I have music on my phone. If I’m away from my computer (where my music lives), I won’t be with my iPad and without my phone. The phone is a much more portable transport than the iPad.

    I use my iPad as a remote for my iTunes library and occasionally use home sharing to play music from it.

  • GrayGaffer

    Yes, I use my iPad for Music. But not for any of the above – I use it as a musical instrument, i.e. I generate music, not consume. For my own enjoyment, thus far. I would also argue that the iPad’s most fertile and creative demographic has been, and is, the creators of synthesizer and audio recording software for the iPad. I aspire to be one of them, but am nowhere near as yet.

    • extramedium

      There are some very cool synths out there for the iPad, very true. I’ve just been frustrated at the process of trying to get them to fit into my home studio’s workflow. You can make some amazing sounds with apps that cost as little as $5 but so its wonderful, but until I can get it synched up and recorded with the rest of my setup its like you said, jut for personal enjoyment at the moment.

  • kralnor

    Before I got my iPad I could never see myself using it for music, but I end up plugging it in to my car’s system more often than I ever thought I would. I don’twalk around with my iPad and headphones though. I also imagine that I’ll stop using it in the car once I get an iPhone. But for now, all the time!