How Long Until We See a True iPad Competitor?

While some analysts have tried to claim that Apple’s recent financial results are something of a disappointment, you’d have to be really stubborn to deny that a Net Profit increase of 94% Year-over-Year is a letdown.

11.8 million iPads is a very impressive mark to hit; particularly in a typically slower quarter, and with Apple selling new iPads as fast as they could make them. It’s safe to say the the iPad is still the undisputed king of the tablet jungle.

My question to you today is vastly different from last week’s poll, in that I’m asking you to take a guess (educated or not). How long until we see a true iPad competitor?

You can argue all you want that the Kindle Fire must be selling, but I’ve yet to even see one in the wild! Even if the Kindle Fire is gaining on the iPad, can it even be considered a true competitor?

How long will it be until someone matches the quality of design and seamless user experience of the iPad?

  • Alex

    Well, this seems like a very one-sided view. Maybe I am understanding this wrong, but you only took as an example (and only in terms of selling) the Kindle Fire which is not meant to be true iPad competitor but a side competition for smaller tablets.

    iPad has many true competitors and while Apple’s main focus (other than $) is the best user-experience and the great researched design they offer, on the negative side, it is not that customizable compared to what the other tablets on the market have to offer. So true competitor is a different meaning for many people I would say.

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Do we really need an iPad competitor? iPad is already a matured device. Who want to take the risk of improving perfection?