How Much Storage Does Your iPad Have?

I have a slight regret about my iPad 2.

I bought a 16GB without hesitation but have found myself wishing, on more than one occasion, that I’d splashed out and grabbed a 32GB or 64GB instead. With myriad apps available and the incredible potential of the iPad to be the perfect portable media player, there is so much more I could do with that extra space!

I’m intrigued to see what AppStorm readers have, do they tend towards splashing out or sticking with the standard?

How much storage does your iPad have?

This poll has a secondary question that I’d love you to remark on in the comments! Is the extra expense worth it?

It costs a significant amount more to get that bonus storage space in your iPad, is the extra utility worth the cash? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

  • http:/ NobleArc, The Lazy Canadian

    I wouldn’t dream of getting such an awesome multimedia device and crippling my storage capacity. As with my iPhone 4S (and iPhone 3GS before it) I chose the one with the biggest storage, knowing I’d probably fill it. As it stands both my 4S and iPad 2 have 18 GB free, so I kind of wish they made 128GB one, as by the time I replace the devices, I’ll have much more content I’d like to keep on them.

  • mangochutney

    Both my iPhone 4S and my iPad 2 have 32 GB.
    I thought about getting the 64 GB version, but except for once, I have never needed more than 32 GB.
    The reason for that is my keeping close to no music on the iPad and almost never having videos on the iPhone.
    Since I mostly game on the iPad, the iPhone doesn’t usually get loaded with huge apps like Real Racing 2.

  • Terry Henderson

    Yes !! The Extra $100.00 Was Well Worth The Price !

  • twisss

    16GB model. This about of space is fine. I only use the iPad for my most recent media consumption. When done with the content I swap it out for latest stuff again. I think people who travel on long trips or are busy with lost of content creation should go for 32GB or more. But the price for the extra space is too much imo.

  • Ian C.

    I’ve got 64GB but it’s always had at least 32GB free. Especially now with iCloud music, I think the 32GB size is the sweet spot!
    2GB photos, 8GB apps, 7GB video – too much for the 16GB version.

  • Peter Sawyer

    Got my iPad in China so paid the same amount for a 64Gb as a 16Gb is in the UK.

  • Rubens Lopes

    Well I bought the wifi 16gb version without hesitation, but I don’t regret it. I already have an iPod and an Android phone so 3G connection and music were not my priorities. I actually bought it thinking in Internet, books and academic work (mainly reading PDFs); so 16gb is serving me fine :)

  • Fokke

    I was going for the 16GB version but eventually bought the 32GB. I am glad I did. I still have plenty room free but 16GB is just not enough. Especially since I am using my iPad more and more as the primary device.

  • Daryl

    I’m fortunate in that he basic iPad (2) was free for me and I only had to pay £50 to get the 16Gb iPad, so I went for that.

  • http://@z0mKi @z0mKi

    I immediately opted for 32GB on my iPad 2 without hesitation. I use the iPad mainly for reading and media consumption however I do love my apps and knew 16GB would not cut it. My iPhone 4 has plenty of space at 16GB now that iCloud has freed up my music. Rarely do I watch movies on my iDevices. Thanks to unlimited data and iCloud, I stream most my music from iCloud or other internet radio services.

  • Chris

    I opted for 16gb for now ( just got my iPad in October) and figured I would upgrade to more when the iPad 3 comes out next year.

  • Ryan Allen

    I have a 16GB white one, which I like a lot! The white border means that finger prints don’t show up on the border and which makes it look much cleaner! I don’t have my whole music collection on it and never ran out of space… until I turned on iTunes Cloud which downloads my purchases!