Is the iPad Replacing Your Laptop?

This week’s poll is for those people who are lucky enough to own both a Laptop and an iPad. A recent survey by IDG had some fascinating things to report on iPad usage, particularly interesting are the statistics on how quickly the iPad is moving to partly, or completely, replace the laptop for many people.

54% of professionals said the iPad had ‘partly replaced’ their laptop, while 16% claimed the iPad had ‘completely replaced’ their laptop. I find that staggering.

That’s why today I’m interested in finding out how iPad.AppStorm readers feel about the place of the iPad in their lives; is the iPad replacing your laptop?

I’m going to mimic a very small element of the aforementioned survey in a bid to compare results – how many iPad.AppStorm readers, who are fully clued up when it comes to apps and using the iPad, feel that it has completely replaced their laptop?

  • bob

    ‘The iPad hasn’t replaced my laptop.’

    Because i don’t have one. The ipad will only replace the laptops of people who use their laptops as a secondary device. For lots of people though the laptop is their main computer, the ipad will never be that.

  • Matthew Guay

    My iPad 1’s the only device I take when traveling nowadays, and I use it for all of my work needs – editing and writing articles, collaborating with web apps, and doing tech support. Plus, it comes in handy for watching a movie or checking the GPS every now and then. It’s the main reason I bought a Mac Mini instead of opting for a laptop when I bought a new computer last year.

  • Mura

    My iPad has partly replaced to my main computer (Mac Mini). If someday they makes apps like Lightroom, Photoshop, Transmission and addons for browsers, could replace it.

  • Marc A. Kastner

    Especially since I’ve got the iPad 3, it has fully replaced my laptop in daily life. I really like the smart cover (I had an iPad 1 previoulsy), which made the most difference to my previous usage.

  • Jordan P

    I think this would really depend on the accessories you have for your ipad… IMO, even if you had an iPad keyboard, it’s not nearly as time efficient as a laptop.

  • Tristan Hawkins

    Since getting an iPad the laptop has been consigned to sitting under the sofa. Only times it come out if for using Windows programs that the iMac upstairs can run on OSX.

    Would really have to think twice about buying a laptop again in the future, for my needs the iPad is a perfect substitute – when having an iMac available in the study.