Smart Cover, Smart Case or Other?

When I bought my new iPad, I knew that I wanted a Smart Cover, no question about it. But then I got to the Apple Store and saw the Smart Case for the first time and wondered if it would work better for my needs. My wife prefers a sleeve case for her iPad, while other family members like traditional cases. So what flavor of case do you prefer? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Keith S.

    First thing I did was to buy an Otterbox case for it. Mainly because I have a toddler son, but $70 is a small price to pay for protection.

  • Stephen Dixon

    I find the Smart Case incredibly hypocritical. When Jobs unveiled the Smart Cover for the very first time, he stated that the one problem with the case they’d made for the first-generation iPad was that it covered the entire device. That’s the “selling point” of the Smart Cover; it just covers the display rather than the whole thing. So why Apple has gone back on its word, I don’t know. Perhaps because the company is sans-Jobs?

    • Leonick

      I wouldn’t really call that going back on their word. I’m sure they’d still say it was stupid hiding the beautiful iPad in a case. The fact that they now have a case just mean that they realized there are people who will insist on having a case that covers the back (you know, just in case they would ever want to scratch it against a rock or something) and figured there was no reason not to sell them one.

  • zhai

    got the black leather smart cover, warpsol screen cover and a belkin snap on back for my 3rd gen iPad. still very light all around but good prtection, worth that little bit more.

  • Jeremy

    I keep my iPad wrapped in RadTech’s Optex® fabric, ScreenSavrz… Then placed inside Timbuk2’s high density memory foam and faux fur Plush Sleeve.

    Best combo ever!

  • Leonick

    Smart Cover all the way. All I want is something to cover the front while it isn’t in use, gives it a bit of extra protection when in the bag and keeps dust away while laying on my desk. There is no need for a proper case since I don’t plan on scratching it against any rocks…

    Similarly all I have for my iPhone is a leather sleeve that I keep it when not in use, again, it keeps dust away protects it from the keys I generally have in the same pocket.

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