Weekly Poll: Will You Be Upgrading to the iPad 2?

Following the hugely successful international release of the iPad 2, it seems particularly apt to ask the question: Will you be upgrading?

If you’re the proud owner of an original iPad then I would guess that it still feels like an amazing device. It’s probably created a niche in your life and is now something you wouldn’t want to live without!

But, there’s a new iPad on the block and it does some things that you kind of wish yours did (even it it’s only beautiful integration with the Smart Cover).

The inevitable feeling of slight dissatisfaction is something that’s an unfortunate byproduct of Apple’s product release cycle, and is deftly discussed by David Appleyard in his article: Thought’s and Reflections on Apple’s Product Release Cycle.

Are you someone who can afford the upgrade but prefers to wait for every second release, or do you prefer to wait until your Apple product is completely out of circulation? Is the iPad 2 irresistible?

Conversely, are you content with your original iPad for the time being, given that it’s still a long way ahead of its competition? We want to know what you think, so post a comment below and don’t forget to vote!

  • http://www.vanessamacleod.com Vanessa

    I was watching Sky News this morning, and there was an advert for “Sky News, for iPad”. It suddenly struck me that despite all the apple ‘haters’ out there, going on and on about how the Galaxy was the first tablet to market – blah blah – yadda yadda” – that the advertisement was for the Sky News for iPad, not the Galaxy tablet, or ANY OTHER KIND at all.

    This is what I love about Apple.

    They are GAME-CHANGERS. Their products change the way we LIVE OUR LIVES.

    Their products are so awesome that they change the way we DO THINGS.

    Whether that’s rifling through recipes, or reading the news, or teaching our kids to read. They improve our lives in every way.

    I didn’t get an iPad when they first came out, purely because of budget constraints. I’m definitely in a position to get an iPad two in the next two to three months, and not just for me, but for every member of my immediate family.

  • xxdesmus

    worst poll ever… where is “no”, or better yet “iPads are expensive toys with no practical use so I’ll pass” ?

    • Joel Bankhead

      Hi there,

      Apologies for not including ‘I’m not going to be getting an iPad’ as an option – that was an oversight.

      I do think, however, that the poll was really intended for people who either have an iPad, or are keen on getting one at some point, as they are the majority of the readers.

    • David Appleyard

      I think that this site might not be for you xxdesmus… Maybe head over and take a look at Android.AppStorm (or Mac, iPhone, or Web)?

      And arguing that the iPad doesn’t have a practical use is plain crazy :-)

    • Tye

      ^Lol. Then why are you commenting on an iPad review website? I think you need the “I’m lost and I don’t know how I got here” option.


      The iPad 2 is my first iPad.

    • Daniel

      Hahahahahaha, why are you even on this website then?

    • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed


  • Tuomas

    I got my first-generation iPad the day before iPad 2 became available here in Finland (March 25th). I figured I don’t need the new stuff so badly and the price was awesome on the 1st gen models (32 GB Wi-Fi for EUR 388).

    No regrets.

  • Bajadawg21


  • http://designmodo.com Adrian

    No, thanks… is not for me

  • Anon

    It’s that little “x” in the corner of your browser.