What Was the First Apple Product You Owned?

Today I’d like to ask a more general question, and get you to send your mind back to when you first held your own Apple product…

What was it that first lured you in?

Was it the simple perfection of the iPod? Or perhaps the slick presentation of the iPhone that convinced you that you needed one?

Were you there from the start, before there was even a Mac?

I’d love to know what AppStorm readers started with, how many are coming here after entering the world of Apple by buying an iPad?

I have to give credit here and mention that this poll was suggested by a reader and I found it too intriguing to ignore. If you have a great suggestion for a weekly poll then comment below and I’ll give the best ones a shot!

  • Connor Turnbull

    I remember being talked to by my friend about Apple’s keynote back in January 2010, which I then went on to watch. After that, I fell in love with the iPad and stood in line from 3:30am at my local Apple store to get one on launch day.

  • zlawell

    My brother’s officer was remodeling and throwing away their computers. He gave me one, a Macintosh 128k, he told me you’re gonna love it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

    Comically, my first Apple product was a Newton. My uncle’s office had bought a ton of them, then decided to not use them, and he gave me one around 2000. I thought it was rather cool at the time, and was delighted to see the same poof of smoke as the Newton used when erasing in OS X when you remove icons from the dock.

    It took me until last year to buy my 2nd Apple product, a 3rd gen iPod Touch. Now, my desk is covered in Apple stuff. Guess that kool aid got to me…

  • http://sharebookfree.com Jimmy

    My first iDevice is iPad 2 3G 32GB, I bought it 2 weeks ago and very happy with it. In fact, I’m a fan of Android, my smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.3.5.

  • Chuck Clements

    Friends brought me into the University Bookstore in October 1884 and showed me the first computer that made sense(another story). Bought with external disk drive (another story) and have been a Mac evangelist sinces. Consider myself a ‘Power End User’ while many of my friends are in IT or Computer r&d all have macs and even here in Taiwan our mission has changed to Macs, my wife still rolls here eyes or falls asleep when I get started but it’s all fun and super easy exct for a few die hards who will learn the error of there ways. 😉

  • Ian Breakspear

    My first Apple product was a Performa 250 in 1993, a derivative of the Color Classic. Great little all-in-one machine with a tiny little color screen and System 7 operating system.

    I think my second product was a Newton MessagePad 120.

  • http://drperil.com Dr. Peril

    Officially, it was an iPod. But I don’t really count that, as I got it for a gift because it was “*the* MP3 player to own” that year.

    My first real venture into Apple was my iMac. At the time I was a DBA for my university and because of job shifts (and the assumption that anyone who works in IT can do any other IT persons job) I wound up managing systems for a while too. That was right when Vista came out. I spent about 2 days with it (keeping in mind I was a pretty dedicated M$ guy back then) and called bullshit. 2 to 4 days and free shipping later I was learning to use OS X. Fast forward a few years and I just left my job as a campus wide Apple tech, and am currently a OS X & iOS developer.