What Was Your First Apple Product?

Inspired by Philip Elmer-Dewitt’s recent article on just how many people’s first Apple product is more likely to be an iPhone or, increasingly, an iPad, I’ve decided to see where most iPad.AppStorm readers clambered aboard the Apple train.

His article for Fortune, boldly entitled ‘The iPad as gateway drug‘, quotes an NPD press release that states;

“Newcomers to the brand increasingly turn to the iPhone or iPad as their first Apple device, which combined account for one-third of first-time Apple purchases since 2010.”

I’d love to know what your first Apple product was?

Rather than dilute the poll with endless different answers, I’ve attempted to break Apple products down into distinct, yet significant, categories. Where you first drawn in by the iPod, like so many people in the early 2000s, or have you been hooked since the Apple II?

  • http://hannahwarmbier.com Hannah Warmbier

    Mine was an iMac; I was still in high school and convinced my parents that Macs were the best. Today I am the proud owner of a MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. :)

  • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

    My first Apple product was actually a Newton that I got used for free in 2000. My first modern Apple product was a 3rd gen iPod Touch, which finally sold me on Apple and I’d switched to the Mac and iPad within a year.

    ‘Twas fun, though, seeing the Newton’s influence in iOS. The animation for deleting an email or note in iOS is the exact same animation that the Newton used for deleting notes, for instance. Having a Newton was definitely a unique look at Apple between Jobs.

  • marc

    SE/30. Still running with OS 7 and MS Word loaded.

  • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef Gonzaga

    The iPod 2nd generation in white. Good memories. :)

  • Andrea

    Voted iPad. 😉

  • BryanG

    What, no Apple IIe?

    • BryanG

      Nevermind…I see that I failed to read.