Will You Buy an iPad mini or Regular Next?

The iPad is a pretty great device, as we all know. Now, we’ve got two basic sizes to choose from: the iPad mini, and the iPad, umm, regular? Well whatever you call it, there are still two basic devices out there you can get.

Whether you’re in the market for a new iPad today, or you’re going to wait until another one comes out, here’s the question: will you buy an iPad mini or a regular sized model? Is the size your main preference or is it the available horsepower? Let us know in the poll to the right!

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  • http://damonsharp.com Damon Sharp

    Bought one without a retina display but returned it. When one comes out with a retina display I’ll buy it hands-down.

  • Leonick

    Hard to say. It’s a decision I’ll make the next time I want to “upgrade” my iPad, with the current one being a 3rd gen it might be a year or two. I still haven’t actually had a look at the iPad mini so I don’t know what I think of the size but I know a lot of people like the smaller size. I would definitely consider the mini but that’s assuming the screen resolution and general hardware has caught up with the regular iPad (it would have to to power the resolution anyway) by the time I’m out to buy one.