How to Print From Your iPad With Printer Pro

If you have worked with computers much at all, you’re probably well aware that one of the worst potential scenarios is when you have to work with a printer. There are few things in the computer world that can rival the printer as far as time wasting goes – the endless tinkering on, habitual issues created, and bewildering variety of selections available often make for a dire experience.

The drivers tend to be massive, and are only barely compatible with your computer. At least, that’s always been how it seems to me. If a printer is such a pain to get to work with a computer, can you imagine getting your iPad to work with one?

The mind boggles.

So I was somewhat surprised when I discovered that Printer Pro actually does an excellent job, and is easy to use. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get the most out of it.

The Scheme of Things

The initial setup for Printer Pro is simple, with nothing needed for connecting directly to the printer other than making sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The main issue is one of compatibility, for as mentioned, printers are notorious for the drivers they require, and the bewildering variety available. There is simply no way that one app could be designed to work with every single model.

If the app is not compatible with your printer then you have to download a liaison program, that Readdle makes available for free, that you then install on the computer connected to your printer – whether that connection is by Wi-Fi or by cable. You then set up Printer Pro to send the print request to your computer (which obviously needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network), from which the liaison program forwards the request to the printer.

This bypasses the compatibility issue, as Printer Pro merely passes on the data and then the computer, with the correct driver already installed and working, prints the request. It’s a super elegant solution to a potentially crippling issue.

Step by Step

Connecting Directly to the Printer

As I mentioned above, setting up to your iPad to to connect directly to the printer is shockingly simple.

  • Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer.
  • Select the item you wish to print, whether it be a website, pdf, or image, and tap ‘Print’.
  • Select your printer if it is available; if not, then try accessing it by entering its direct IP Address.

Selecting a printer, or adding a printer manually.

If the printer is not compatible, then you have to switch over to the other method, covered below.

Connecting via Computer

  • Set up your printer with your computer.
  • Download Readdle’s free software, Printer Pro Desktop, and install it on your computer.
  • On your computer, select ‘Setup Remote Printing’ and copy the six digit access code.
  • On your iPad, tap print on any item to take you to the ‘Printers’ screen and select ‘Add Cloud Printer’.
  • Enter the six digit access code from your computer.

Entering your access code.

  • Select your computer from the ‘Printers’ screen to print.

Unlike connecting directly to the printer, you do not have to be on the same Wi-Fi network in order to print something via computer. This means that you can effectively print your document from anywhere in the world!

Printing From Different Sources

Printer Pro is very inclusive, and allows you to print from pretty much any source. Admittedly, some of the ways to do so can be a little gimmicky, as the iPad lacks a resident ‘Print’ button, but for the most part it works excellently. One of the more gimmicky examples would be to print from iWorks, which requires you to email the document but then to print the attachment before you click send.

One of the more interesting ways that you can print something is by copying it. When you select and copy text on an iPad, it saves the data unto a virtual ‘clipboard’ until you paste it somewhere else. Printer Pro is actually able to display the information in the app, and then print it directly. Additionally, from inside the app you can also access your most recent print jobs, or print your contacts.

Printer Pro becomes an option when you select ‘Open In . . .’ from the various menus in any of a number of apps, such as Dropbox, Email, iDisk, and more.

Printer Pro in the 'Open In . . ." menu.

If you want to print a website, you simply add a ‘p’ in front of the “http://” part of the address in the browser so that it looks like “phttp://”, which then opens Printer Pro and allows you to send the data from the website.

Printing Web Pages.

Each of the external uses of Printer Pro are detailed in the app, and it’s easy to check if you are ever unsure of yourself.

Final Analysis

Overall, I’ve been very happy with Printer Pro. It works well, prints pretty much everything, and doesn’t seem to get lost in the transition of speaking to the printer. It makes the task of printing very easy, and with the smallest number of steps possible. Their encompassing solutions to the problems of printing from a tablet are elegant, and consistently well thought out. Allowing you to print the text in the clipboard is pure unadulterated genius!

It does have some annoying aspects, especially when working with a wide variety of sources. But, when you stop to think about how flawlessly the app otherwise provides its services, the niggles pale in comparison. It has a relatively high price tag, but provides an essential service and, in my mind, is worth the expense.


Wireless printing for your iPad! Printer Pro is the one-stop solution for your tablet printing needs.

  • Serge

    Wy I should buy this app if it doesn’t do what it says.
    Because with all those kind of apps who make you think that you will print easy with it, at the end, you always find, but, if not, you will have to do this, or download this event buy this again and again.
    It’s doing what is say or not.
    More, you can print web pade, from evernote, from this or that…
    I doesn’t want print from there, I want print directly from any apps who have a print option.
    I will be abble to pay a little amount to be abble to doing that like I should do with my iPad and what APPLE promise me that I will be abble to do before I bought my iPad and a wifi epson printer, and APPLE decide that only ePrint HP printer will work directly.

    That’s a steal !

    • Sonia

      Serge, if you have a MAC:

      I have been using this solution I found on an Apple discussion page since 2010:

      From *System Preferences* remove existing printer(s)

      launch AppleScript editor
      cut & paste the following 2 lines:

      do shell script “echo ‘# enable AirPrint*

      *image/urf urf (0,UNIRAST)’ > /usr/share/cups/mime/airprint.types” with administrator privileges*

      run that script and enter your admin pw

      This will create text-file @ /usr/share/cups/mime/ that will (should) re-enable AirPrint support again (I have used this on the current builds of OS X Snow Leopard & Lion), which can easily be removed.


      add printer(s) again + share them through *System Preferences*

      Keep in mind that your MAC must be up and running in order to use AirPrint!

  • Serge

    Thank you Sonia, but I have 2 pcs (Vista and 7).
    Anyway, all the print apps offers tell me that if I install and buy their app, I will be abble to print, witch it is not true, like I said.
    I doesn’t change anything, remove anything, put any username ou password, I just want click the print button like I can usely do, except with my iPad!

  • Susan

    I bought the Printer Pro app for my ipad and installed the Printer Pro desktop on my laptop. But the IP address is not correctly captured and I could not set up the Air Print. It said printer not found. I tried unstall and in stall again, but still does not work. I regret buying the app. Please advise.

  • Anthony Page

    When I try to print an email on my iPad using Printpro I select “Print”, it opens a window “Printer Options” which directs me to “Select Printer” and when that is clicked on it looks for printers and does not find one.

    The Printpro is working fine when printing docs from Dropbox for example, in which case clicking on Print opens a window “Open In…” and Printer Pro is an option, which when selected brings up the list of printers, including Cloud Printer which list my desk top which has the Printer Pro desk top in it, and it prints.

    So, what to do re printing emails?

    • MH

      I am still having this exact same problem when trying to print emails with Printer Pro. Did you find a way to make it work??

  • Nic kereluik

    Prints in all applications except I books. How do I print from iBooks?

  • doug

    it is so stupid, invariably there may be glitches to do certain things and there is nothing but the most basic of instructions in using the applications. then of course you cannot talk to someone and there are no sources so all you can do is send a damn email and then sit and wait. I HATE SITTING AND WAITING.

  • simon

    how do i delete printer pro desktop from my iMac

  • Lee

    Installed this on a friend’s 3gs and can’t get the print to clipboard to work. I copy a mail message then go to Printer Pro Clipboard and try to paste but can not. The print button is dimmed and there is nothing showing in the Printer Pro clipboard.


  • Bud Senkowski

    Printer Pro Lite works OK with my Ipad printing to a HP 6450 printer. However when I purchased Printer Pro it asked me to select a printer language. The HP manual says it is PCL 3. When I selected PCL, the test page printed completely black. Please help.

  • marinadina

    you should try another app which comes with 24/7 support like print n share
    that way if anything gets tricky (which it shouldn’t with this app) then you can contact them and get a quick response
    also for mail i like to use altamail
    these are are for apple devices but you can use both mac and pc if needed etc

  • salvatore liotta

    i purchased printerpro to use with my ipad but still have not gotten it to work. Can anyone direct me to a website that in clear English gives directions on how to do this?


  • Jennifer

    I bought the printer pro and it works for some things and not others. I can print pictures, but not email or from my clipboard or web pages. It gives me a message about being broken. I am so frustrated.

  • Amy

    How can you change the font size? I have tried in document & in notes unsuccessfully?

  • Tom

    How can I change the print to draft and single colour? I have finally worked out how to setup print with this thing. However I don’t want to wast my colour cartridges and black cartridge . How do I access print settings so I can print how I want to?

  • Dulcie

    I really liked my printer pro desktop for all my printing needs it now it is linked via cloud and it won’t work for me now. Can you help?

  • salvatore liotta

    I paid for a download of PrinterPro but never got it to work. I spoke with tech staff at PrinterPro the result being that it was confirmed that PP would not work on my IPad 1.
    I have never got my IPad to print and have concluded that without the ability to print, the IPad is a worthless device.

    I will search again and see if there is a solution.

    Could I get a refund?


  • Jeanne

    I love the Pro Printer but wish I could change the layout of pages from horizontal to vertical. They don’t give you that option and I need that option badly.

  • Karen Behringer

    I set up printer pro and effectively printed a sample page. When I then went to my iPad mail and opened a message, the printer doesn’t show up when I hit the forward arrow….it looks and says no printers are available. When I go back and open the app, it appears as installed. Where can I go to get answers? I am trying to print mail messages (not an attachment) from my iPad.