Only the other day I went to call my parents and realised that their landline number was listed as ‘mobile’, this led me down a path of irritating discovery; my address book is not as complete, or accurate, as it should be. My first response was a frustrated exhale and a shrugging of the shoulders. This can wait. I’ll probably have to enter this information again in a year or two…

Then it came to me. The truth is that it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll move away from an Apple-centric set of devices in the next few years. In fact, I can see myself sticking with the Cupertino clan for at least the next decade or two!

I’m here to encourage you, it’s worth getting it organised now – dive in and learn why it’s about time you got your contacts sorted!


As much as the iPad is touted as a great portable content creation device, it still makes a stellar video player. In fact, I watch more video content on my iPad than any other device, including my TV, and most of that comes from independent sources like YouTube channels and blogs.

Denso is a video consumption, discovery and organisation app, allowing you to watch content from more than 250 different sources from around the web, all in one place. With Denso, you can subscribe to channels of content to be watched back in a continuous, auto-playing playlist and even downloaded to be watched later. Read on to see just how good it is!


Playlists are an integral part of any music junkie’s life. There are playlists for rainy days, road trips, and weddings, and each song serves to compliment an overall theme. Unfortunately, I find that the second half of my playlists are often neglected due to lack of time. The iPad music app doesn’t allow me to add a bookmark to a playlist, so I find myself starting over every time I return to my playlist.

Sticky Playlists is a universal app by Mysterious Trousers that attempts to address the forgetfulness of the native music app by allowing the user to pick up exactly where he or she left off.


This roundup may not be what you’re expecting.

The phrase ‘curious minds’ is used almost exclusively in reference to children, but I’m reclaiming it! I think it’s a shame that we don’t place more value in curiosity, that it’s not encouraged as a positive trait in our society. Curiosity goes hand in hand with imagination and inspiration, if only more people were interested in understanding and experiencing new things – imagine what creativity and invention there is to be unlocked!

Vaguely philosophical points aside, here’s a collection of great apps for the curious mind – dive in and get excited!


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For better or worse, there is no bigger name in Japanese role-paying games than Final Fantasy. Originally debuting on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Final Fantasy series has jumped from console to console for decades.

Now Final Fantasy III has arrived on the iPad. While Japanese players got the original game in 1990, Final Fantasy III didn’t hit the states until 2006 and is only available on the Nintendo DS, Virtual Console, and iPad. Is the game worth a twenty year wait? Did it survive the jump to the iPad? Let’s find out.


As had been reiterated time and time again, the iPad is not merely for consumption – it’s also powerful tool for creation!

This week I want to know what creative activities are the favourites of AppStorm readers, what do you love to do most on your iPad? Are you a musician who can’t help but throw ideas into Garageband, a writer who simply adores the pure writing environment of minimal writing apps, or an artist adept with your fingers?

Even famous, and gifted, artists such as David Hockney have taken to using the iPad for the creation of art – it won’t be long before the mass of creative work achieved on the iPad allows it a proper place in people’s minds as a creation device.

Feel free to get involved in the comments and elaborate on your answer! I’d love to know, specifically, what apps you use and how the iPad has helped in the creation of art (in the broadest sense).

It feels like an age ago, but back in December we ran an in-depth survey about AppStorm itself – how very meta of us…

As it was impossible for you to see the results as they happened, I thought I’d enlighten you and talk a little about the focus of AppStorm going into the future (it is the New Year after all). Get set for some charts, percentages, and perhaps a little light japery!


My average workday consists of me sitting in front of the computer, hammering away at a keyboard while I try to let some kind of ambient noise filter through the house. Sometimes that’s my iTunes library, but since baseball season ended, I’ve been looking for some kind of video option that would keep me peripherally entertained while I got some work done.

Then I discovered DirecTV App for iPad, an app that with its recent update now has the ability to stream live TV. But is it worth the hype? Let’s figure things out after the break.


So you’re sitting in this airport with your iPad when all of a sudden you get the urge to play around with designing a website. What are you supposed to do? You don’t have your computer on-hand, and surely the iPad couldn’t help you brainstorm, design, and build a website, right?

Wrong. With the proper tools the iPad could easily be a useful crutch in this scenario, allowing you to capitalize on a burst of inspiration or kill time in a productive way. Let’s dig in.


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