Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week, and special thanks to the kind people at Nulana! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:

Bryan Gibson
Marek Hasák
Riccardo Luigi Varisco

Well done to the lucky winners, and we’ll be in touch soon. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

Remotix is a powerful and fast VNC viewer and Apple Remote Desktop client, and I’m glad to announce that we at iPad.AppStorm have 5 promo codes to give away!

Remotix allows you to connect remotely to your computer and has full support for Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) protocol, which allows it to create a seamless experience for Mac users. Use intuitive gestures to control your computer and access your files and programs from anywhere with a connection!

If you haven’t yet got yourself a VNC client, then here is a great chance to get your hands on one!


Apps from a lot of genres have witnessed a new lease of life with the launch of iPod Touch and the iPhone. Founder of the famous online music streaming service Pandora even admitted that the company is still alive, thanks to iOS devices.

In the same vein, the iPad is vitalising content companies. Particularly magazines, e-books, and blogs. News and feed readers of various sizes and form have popped up in the past few months and we have reviewed quite a lot of them. Feedly promises to be a news and feed reader with a twist. Let’s see how refreshing the experience actually is.


How does the Kindle app measure up to the Kindle device? Taking into account the more obvious differences such as screen technology and greyscale/colour, has the function of the popular Kindle device been adequately matched or improved upon in the iPad app? What thought has gone into the function and usability of the application, and its interaction with the wider technological world?

Are there similar ways to configure the reading experience? Are all features supported across both platforms?

Let’s explore these areas a little…


Our sister site iPhone.AppStorm had a big day today with Apple’s ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ announcement! As it’s pretty likely that at least some readers will want the lowdown on the news, it was only fair to give you a heads up. While this is a summary of the important facts, be sure to check back over the coming days for analysis and editorial articles.

Well it’s official, we have a new iPhone today and it’s called the iPhone 4S. There was a lot of big news that came out of Cupertino today, most of it covered live via Twitter.

But if you weren’t there to watch it all go down, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Hit that button and let’s get into all of the big news of the day.

Read more on iPhone.AppStorm…

We’ve collected the top four reviews, roundups and how-to articles from across the AppStorm network in September. Whether you’re interested in Mac, iPhone, iPad, Web, or Android apps, there’s bound to be something you didn’t spot over the course of the month. Now would be a good time to explore a part of the AppStorm Network you’ve never seen before!

Thanks for reading AppStorm, and I hope you enjoy looking over some of our favourite posts from last month!


Just a few days ago, we ran a post where Joel covered the unprecedented explosion of the iPad case market. More than any other device in history, the iPad has an entire industry dedicated to cases, bags, stands, and many other variants.

Also, the iPad’s unique intended use (somewhere between a computer and a phone) and its support for additional utility (such as bluetooth keyboards) makes the device particularly susceptible to the development of cases/stands that do more than just protect the glass and aluminum.

Especially since the iPad 2, I’ve noticed that many case-makers are designing cases and covers that have the potential to drastically impact the way you use the device. From Smart Covers to waterproof sleeves, these cases let you take the iPad places you couldn’t before, and do things that were previously reserved for laptop computers. “Surely there can’t be that many of these cases!” I hear you clamor. Well buckle up, because here comes an assortment of useful, unique, and just plain outlandish iPad and iPad 2 cases that can change the way you use your device.


Amazon has finally announced their long-awaited entry into the tablet market. Rumors have been circling for months now, including a well-documented look into the device that MG Siegler got when he actually held the then-unannounced device.

The device is called the Kindle Fire, and it’s going to enter the market with a bang. How does it stack up to the iPad, though? Let’s discuss.


As the uses for the iPad keep piling up and the apps keep coming, it seems like the iPad is finding its role in certain workplaces and workflows. Recently, iPad.AppStorm looked at how the iPad can be integrated into a student’s life as possibly their only computer. But what about educators? How can teachers maximize the iPad by bringing it into their classrooms as a tool?

Today, I want to take a look at ShowMe, an interactive whiteboard app that, in my mind, has the ability to replace smart boards in the classroom. Keep reading to see how this app can work for educators, and how it offers more than just an in-app experience.


Apple seem to make almost everything possible, and now word processing doesn’t have to be a mundane task that is confined simply to the office. The iWork suite, which has already found its home on Macs all around the world, has finally been optimised for the iPad.

Many people favour iWork over other packages such as Microsoft Office for its simplicity, wide range of features and, most importantly, its price (it is around half the price of Microsoft Office). Today I’m going to have an in-depth look at the iPad stalwart that is Pages.


This week I’ve thought a lot about the value there is in buying AppleCare for new Apple products. I bought it for my first ever MacBook, but never actually used it, and have never really bothered with it since.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been fortunate not to have any massive problems, or perhaps it’s because any issues I have had have been dealt with without it (often for free), but AppleCare has never seemed worth it. With no moving parts and the generally robust nature of the iPad’s hardware, it certainly didn’t cross my mind as an option for my iPad.

Any serious issues would surely crop up in your first year of use, and be covered by the 1 year limited warranty. In most cases further issues would most likely be caused by mistreatment (giving your iPad an accidental bath etc.) and not be covered anyway.

Do you have AppleCare for your iPad? How do you feel about the value you are getting for your money? Is the peace of mind worth the additional up-front cost?

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