This week, my time has been spent churning butter, sowing seed, tending to livestock and selling produce to the occasional neighbor, and local kindergarten — all from the comfort of my living room couch. How so? Hay Day, Supercell’s latest offering.

Following in the footsteps of the ever so popular FarmVille, Hay Day is a farming simulation game in which you must manage time and resources to successfully run a failing farm. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

The app store is full of a lot of great apps in many different categories, but in my experience it’s really been lacking a really good sports scores and statistics app. I tried using ScoreCenter and CBS Sports, but found both to be lacking a quality experience.

Luckily, I had ScoreMobile available on my iPhone, which I found overall to be a good app. But when it comes to looking up scores, standings and statistics, you simply can’t beat the screen real estate you get from the iPad versus the iPhone. Fortunately, ScoreMobile was recently updated, bringing with it iPad optimization and a brand new moniker — theScore Mobile. Hit the jump to find out if the “holy grail” of sports scores and statistics apps has finally come to the iPad. (more…)

As any gardener knows, planning a patch from scratch, or re-designing an existing plot, can be a complex, time-consuming task. However, help is now on hand in the form of Garden Plan Pro, an app developed by Growing Interactive Ltd that will make planning your dream garden just that little bit easier.

Garden Plan Pro offers a paper-free method of designing your little plot of paradise, and contains a repository for plant types, in addition to advice on sowing, growing and more. Find out more after the jump. (more…)

I wasn’t one of the guy who latched onto the Grand Theft Auto series when it first hit big in the late 1990s. Instead, I came along in 2002 when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City first was released, and I burned away my 20s trying to get 100% completion on the console title as well as all of its sequels (and eventually, GTA: III). Man did I love that game.

But the GTA series on iOS has been a bit more finicky for me. GTA: III was too difficult to control, and I never saw the appeal in Chinatown Wars. At the time, I chalked it up to my awkwardness with a virtual controller combined with a faulty UI, but Rockstar promised that all that went away with the 10-year anniversary release of GTA: Vice City on iOS. Did they succeed in making the classic game fun to play on a touchscreen device, or is it just more of the same? Let’s find out after the jump. (more…)

Every time I look at my car’s dashboard, I am reminded that there’s a metric system and not everyone uses miles to measure the distance between here and the local outlets. For that reason, a unit converter comes in handy. Utilities that tell you how loud things in your car are can also be useful — you don’t want to go deaf. If you find yourself craving an app that can do a good many things in a beautiful way, SkyPaw has just the thing.

From the developer you’ve probably never heard of comes an app unlike any other. Its use of skeumorphism throughout makes it the perfect candidate for unit conversion duties on an iPad, and its extra tools, like a metronome and seismometer, give it an even wider potential market. But like I said before, substance is key, so is design all this app has to offer? (more…)

My dad is an absolute nightmare to purchase gifts for, be it Christmas or otherwise. This year, we gave him an iTunes gift card, but we did it by putting it inside of an envelope that was inside a box, and another, and another, with 5 total packages. See, the way we see it, he’s always a pain in the butt, so we can pay him back a bit — all in good fun, of course.

But between myself and my wife, we also received a few Apple goodies as well. So what about you? Did you give or receive Apple products at any point during the holiday season? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Although developers continue to stun us with intricately made graphics for their iOS games (and boy, do they look great on the iPad’s Retina Display), it seems as if everyone, both old and young, still have an emotional attachment to ’80s arcadia. Luckily for us, the nostalgic 8-bit art style from this age also translates well to our iPads, and even graces some of our favorite games here at iPad.AppStorm.

In today’s roundup, we’ll be looking at eight different iOS games that bear the beautiful 8-bit graphics we so love, but also provide hours of exciting playtime. Find out which apps made the cut after the break! (more…)

Welcome to the first iPad games roundup after the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, and the last iPad games roundup of 2012. This week’s apps will have you becoming: a big know-it-all while playing a wickedly fun trivia game; a crime-fighting middle manager who’s ready for life beyond his cube; a respawnable cartoon soldier; monsters Mike and Sulley who are on the run to save Boo; and a team of experts exploring a lost world.

Click “more” to take a look. And have a Happy New Year! (more…)

Beat-’em-up games have sort of a base appeal. While playing them, you essentially keep hitting things until there are no more things to hit. Along the way, you might integrate strategy to achieve this task faster or find ways to hit harder, but the formulas found in these games — especially when it comes to enemy attacks — keep them mindlessly simple, unrivaled fun that probably encourages violent behavior in the real world.

Ah, well.

Several games surround their brawls with heroic stories of saving the day and rescuing enslaved denizens of fictional cities. Not Beatdown. The premise in this punch-packing bout is all about revenge. If you’re ready to take out some aggression, Beatdown might just be the game for you. Find out why after the jump.


How many times have you sat in the car with the engine turned off, so engrossed in an NPR radio story that you had to hear the end before going into your house? If you’re an NPR addict like me, you’ll kick yourself for waiting so long to get the NPR iPad app.

I spend less time driving a car these days and more time riding a bus, flying on a plane or working from home. The NPR iPad app is a great way to stay connected to my favorite news source, and it’s free! If you’re interested in an app that lets you live stream NPR radio anywhere there’s an Internet connection, keep playlists of stories for listening to later and read articles in a magazine-style format offline, keep reading … (more…)

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