Podcast are an incredibly beneficial way to either gain entertainment or information. News, cooking, sports, and technology are amongst some of the common areas which are popular for podcasters but there is most likely a category to suit most users.

Instacast came on the market to help alleviate the troubles most users were experiencing when having to manually sync their podcasts using iTunes. After podcast clients started to gain in popularity, Apple split podcast out of the music app on iOS and created their own podcast app. Although many users are still not happy with the experience due to a lack of syncing between the iOS apps. Instacast version 3.0 was released recently which includes an update to the syncing mechanism and also an upgraded design. The app is universal now and changed away from the in-app purchase model which was in version 2.0. Let’s find out more after the jump.

This past December, our own Jacob Penderworth discussed why he felt the iPad App Store has fallen into ruin. Penderworth stated that “instead of fixing the problems the old App Store had … Apple decided to create a hat of its own which you must draw from each day to download something.” Essentially, Penderworth felt that Apple shouldn’t have changed the App Store as drastically as they did, as it was already functioning fine. Instead, he suggests Apple should have tweaked the user interface and the left the rest as it was.

Being a fellow writer, I guarantee both Penderworth and I spend an exuberant amount of time browsing the App Store, however, I hold almost an entirely different opinion of the iPad App Store since the release of iOS 6. Hit the jump to learn how the App Store has been changed for the better. (more…)

Whether you’re already Etsy obsessed or new to the booming community of crafters, collectors and creators, Etsy app for iPad offers the best browsing experience of the world famous online marketplace. It’s more than just handmade cat sweaters — you’ll find everything from custom clothing to hand-forged knives to iPod docking stations. Shop for gifts, connect with the Etsy community, make in-app purchases and manage your store in an app that makes it all too easy.

Both buyers and sellers will enjoy the beautiful design and intuitive function of this app. Keep reading to learn more about improved functionality of the latest version. (more…)

I’ve been a fan of Keri Smith’s illustration work for quite some time now and so was delighted to discover that This Is Not A Book had recently been released as an iOS application, under the similarly brilliant name of This Is Not An App.

For the uninitiated, This Is Not An App and its paper counterpart are an exercise in creativity, containing a treasure trove of activities designed to free your imagination and inspire even the most artistically challenged of folk. But the question is, just how well does this popular Penguin book translate to the iOS format? Let’s find out after the jump. (more…)

Our featured sponsor this week is Dinosaur Zoo, a fun and educational app to teach you about dinosaurs.

When I was a kid, I loved dinosaurs. I had them as toys, watched them on TV and soaked up all the info I could about those giant beasts. But today, as a father of one (with one more on the way), I think about how fascinating these beasts were to me, and how I can pass on that info to my children. Now I have the answer.

On the surface Dinosaur Zoo is about roaring, biting, feeding, snarling dinosaurs in all of their glory. Open the app and you’re presented with beautiful moving images, like there was someone in the forest with a GoPro taking shots while the dinosaurs were roaming the Earth. But beyond the great imagery, there’s also a lesson to be learned. The images are all digital reconstructions, some of which have appeared in scientific papers. The Natural History Museum of Ireland even uses the app for educational purposes with mounted iPads in their displays. Now that’s some street cred.

But as you get deeper, you can learn where the dinosaur lived, what it ate and even what the world looked like when the animal wandered the planet. And if you think there aren’t enough dinosaurs built in to the app, just look for updates — new dinosaurs come in free “Dino Packs” that allow you to add whatever ones you want.

The app has won several awards, including Educational App of the Year 2012 by the Telegraph print edition, Kids App of the Year by App magazine and “What to Buy For Your iPad” in Apple magazine. You don’t get press like that without having something quality to show off.

Dinosaur Zoo

Dinosaur Zoo

Go Get It!

Dinosaur Zoo is just $1.99, and it’s well worth every penny. If you’re interested in dinosaurs, or you have a child who wants to learn more, go get it now!

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Every so often I’ll be out at an event, or maybe just watching TV, and I’ll see someone using their iPad either to take video or a still shot. And I think to myself, “Why are they doing that?” To me, it looks like you’re holding a clipboard in front of your face, and it’s just not quite as svelte or nice as it would be with your iPhone or dedicated camera.

But maybe that’s just me. What do you think? Do you use your iPad to take pictures or shoot videos? Let us know in the comments to the right!

Guardian Eyewitness debuted in 2010 and is still tremendously popular on iPads. Not unlike The Wider Image, the app is a way to get news via visuals instead of blocks of text. Once a day, the app is updated with a photo hand picked by The Guardian’s editors. There’s a little info bubble that displays information about the photo and a pro photographer tip to help you capture similar moments with your own camera.

That pro tip is what really separates Guardian Eyewitness from other like-minded apps. The focus here is primarily on photography; news is a secondary function. This is an app meant for photographers, and probably designed by photographers too, which is definitely a good thing. (more…)

Well we’re barely into the new year and already alien robots are taking over Korea; a rag-tag team of soldiers called the RAD Squad is stirring up some mischief; three suitors are battling it out karate-style over the lovely Mariko; and a narwhal named Sharpy is (badly) drawing movie scenes.

Find out what else is happening in this first games round-up of 2013 by clicking “more.” (more…)

In the past half a decade, there has been a tremendous shift in the way news is delivered to us. Twitter, as an Internet model, revolutionized the way we access information from all our favourite news sources. But there is still one huge problem with an Internet-based news model: There are too many news sources out there.

Enter the newest news delivery method: curation. Unlike an aggregator (like the Huffington Post or RSS feed, for example), news curators aren’t simply fetching articles from their favourite websites and posting them in one place. They hand-pick articles and deliver what they deem to be the most important news of the day into hand-picked packages of content.

Dave Pell is a news curator (or, as he pitches himself, a human algorithm). His universal app (and email newsletter) is called NextDraft. And his work is brilliant. (more…)

Music streaming services have grown in popularity, with Rdio being one of the most popular options in the United States until Spotify jumped across the pond in July 2011. Since that date, Rdio and Spotify have been two of the biggest contenders for monthly subscriptions.

The reason I keep coming back to Rdio is that it seems to be a better fit for how I want to manage my music. I want a true iTunes-in-the-cloud solution and Rdio provides that. Even though Spotify is planning to add a collection feature and to help in music discovery, I am really liking Rdio’s innovations. With version 2.0, though, it is not just about a new coat of paint; Rdio 2.0 features new and innovative features, which positions itself in a good spot for competition of monthly subscription revenue. (more…)

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