Recently, I’ve been spending quite some time with my iPad in a web design context for a few articles over at Tuts+, and had the chance to use some fantastic iPad apps that are disrupting one of the core stereotypes of the iPad, its uselessness for content creation. I’ve came to the conclusion that the iPad is the perfect device for planning projects like web design, acting as a great canvas for producing and sharing plans, prototypes and ideas.

Adobe Proto is an app that’s leading the way to disrupting this meme of a tablet not being fit for productivity. The app is all about planning and prototyping ideas in wireframes consisting of a number of stock elements and even adhering to popular CSS grid systems.


Things change. People change. Times change.

We used to wind clocks and listen to the wireless, now we share what we had for lunch with hundreds of strangers and listen to music on our phones. My question to you this week is: how do you follow your favourite sites?

Once upon a time people actually had to visit sites they liked, but over the last decade a myriad of other means have grown up. Are you still a huge fan of RSS (I am), or do you simply follow every site you like on Twitter and look out for things that interest you?

Are you someone who loves the styling of G+ and would prefer to simply have your favourite content pop up in your stream?

Let me know in the comments if there’s a big way I’ve missed here, I’d be fascinated to hear!

Throughout history, as long as there have been market leaders there have been competitors, that’s just how it goes – Coca Cola has Pepsi, Ferrari has Lamborghini, and Apple has Microsoft and Google. With regard to the tablet market the recently announced Microsoft Surface tablets (Surface and Surface Pro) could be the first truely serious contenders from Microsoft who are looking for a slice of the extremely lucrative market practically created by Apple’s ever-dominant iPad.

So what does the new Microsoft Surface announcement mean for the iPad?

There is an incredible range of drawing apps available for the iPad. Some apps have just a few color choices and one drawing tool while others are full of tools, making for essentially limitless possibilities. I have tried out a lot of these applications in the few years that I’ve owned an iPad and while the feature-filled applications are often my choice, at times I just want a simpler app.

Autodesk’s newest application, Sketchbook Ink, has helped to meet that desire. Sketchbook Ink is a vector-based drawing application in which you have access to 7 different pens and all the colors you can think of. It’s definitely a simpler application, but I’m really enjoying it so far. Read on to learn more about the app and what I think about it.


As I’ve moved into the second half of my 20’s and noticed my metabolism slowing down I’ve begun to pay more attention to my health. MyFitnessPal HD is a free app touted as one of the best for keeping track of your daily calorie intake and exercise regimen.

There are many apps available for getting fit and staying in shape, so can this one live up to their ambitious claim that “there is no better diet app”? Will it replace your need for a personal trainer? Read on to find out all that this app has to offer and to determine if it’s worth implementing into your daily routine.


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Congratulations to all our winners! And to those that didn’t win, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more in the works!


Space. A limitless expanse that is filled with things that we imagine — aliens, galaxies, planets, and black holes. A place that all of us want to explore and know more about. A place that is a perfect canvas for a intergalactic iPad game.

Well, one small step from the iPhone makes a giant leap for the iPad, as IconFactory has recently released the iPad application of their flagship iPhone app, Astronut. Sure, we know that the theme of this game is space, but is this application truly out of this world? Find out after the break.


We all love getting something great for free! However, hunting down the good free apps from the terrible ones in the jungle out there can be a difficult job.

Fortunately for you, AppStorm is here to help. We’ve collected together some awesome roundups of fantastic free apps for every device you own – all while trying to keep a mix of old classics and new favourites, hit the links below and immerse yourself!

Athletes rely on coaches to provide constructive feedback to help improve their game. Coaches can be a great resource to these athletes since the coach can see movements such as minor adjustments in form that the athlete cannot see. While this is a great way to improve fundamentals and conditioning, coaches may not always be available (depending on your location and/or budget).

Coach’s Eye is an app which uses the iPad camera to record a person performing an action. Once a video is recorded, the video can be manipulated and annotations can be added to show proper form or changes that need to be made. These videos can be sent straight to the athlete for study or shared to other people of interest. The unique feature of Coach’s Eye is the ability for the average user to appreciate seeing themselves performing the action and make adjustments as necessary. TechSmith Corporation, the developers of Coach’s Eye graciously provided a promo code to review this app.


Today I thought I’d take a different approach to the trusty Roundup and share some awesome people to follow on Twitter for iOS, Apple, and technology insight! It can feel pretty daunting trying to find good people to to follow, like shopping for Oyster Sauce in the supermarket (I’m still recovering from that expedition), but have no fear, I’m here to help.

Twitter is an awesome place to find people who are really switched on and engage with them in a meaningful way, getting snippets of revelation, humour, and the daily trivia of people’s lives has never been so easy!

I enlisted the enthusiastic help of the AppStorm team to hone and refine this expansive list, we all hope you like it. My only word of advice: be ruthlessly selective, or prepare to be swallowed by a deluge of carefully chosen characters.


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