Foldify: Draw, Print, Fold and Repeat

To be honest, I typically only use my iPad for Reeder, streaming videos and my email, but every once in a while an app comes around that I get a little obsessed over; Foldify is such an app. Foldify is a really clever (and addicting) combination of Papercraft (it’s a real thing!), your iPad and Apple’s AirPrint. I seriously spent hours doodling on this thing over the holidays … hours!

Ready to get hooked?

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Getting Started

Basically, you are given a few general templates that you can customize by drawing on it or with stamps. After you’ve created your masterpiece, you send it off to print using AirPrint, wait patiently as it prints out, cut, fold, glue and then you have yourself a 3D model … that you just made with an app!

Foldify gives you a quick little tutorial and then lets you dive right in.

Look at all the fancy pre-loaded figures (minus the third row, those are mine.)

Look at all the fancy pre-loaded figures (minus the third row, those are mine.)

Foldify actually comes with seven pre-made 3D figures ranging from Foldify Man to a bus. You can modify these or start from scratch with a blank template. I modified to start with, just so I could sink my teeth into the mechanics of the app.

All of the blank templates.

All of the blank templates.

Once you decide on your template a new screen will open up, with a third of the screen dedicated to showing you what your 3D construct will look like. The other two-thirds of the screen is your drawing board. Sa-weet!

You can use a two-finger pinch to zoom or vice versa to zoom out. To simplify things, you only have the ability to use a pencil, paintbrush, stamps and an eraser. And to simplify things even further, you don’t have a slider bar to change the size of your brush or pencil, but you use your finger instead, and zoom in or out to adjust the width of your line. Pretty ingenious, right?

When choosing colors, you have a substantial amazing color wheel, and you can alternate between Grid (will change the color of whatever you have just drawn) and Brush (your pencil or paintbrush) color.

So many options!

So many options!

And then there are the stamps! Foldify comes with a variety of facial, house, car and pattern stamps and there are variety packs like clothing and seasonal items that you can buy (loving the the Holiday pack!) To use a stamp, simply drag it onto your design and adjust the size by pinching or expanding.

Once you have perfected your design, you can upload your design to Foldify’s database (more on that later), send via email, save it into your photos or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Time to print!

Time to print!

Or, skip the sharing and print that baby! It’s super easy to print (if you have a printer that has AirPrint), all you need to do is tap the printer icon, select your preferred size (small, medium, large) and select your printer. If you don’t have an AirPrint enabled printer, you can create a PDF and email it to yourself or your friend (surprise!) After printing, just fold along the dotted line (hey, that’s familiar!), cut along the solid line and glue the tabs and BAM! a super sweet little 3D figure.

Other Fun Stuff

Oh, hey, Stewie!

Oh, hey, Stewie!

In addition to the pre-made designs, Foldify also allows you to browse and print their shared user’s designs, which range from Stewie Griffin to the Instagram icon. You can browse the best or the newest and you can vote for your favorite by tapping the heart icon. And you can even add your own design to the mix (I’m loving the Super Meat Boy.)


Basically, this is one of my favorite apps because I can get crafty and put my cutting-on-the-dotted line skills from kindergarten to good use. But, really, the design for Foldify is very slick and the interface is extremely user-friendly, it’s the kind of thing that a five-year-old and their grandparent would enjoy, in fact they might fight over who gets to use it next (I witnessed it!) The use of pinching and zooming to make the paintbrush (your finger) smaller or bigger is really smart and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what other templates and variety packs Foldify comes up with next.


Create 3D figures on the iPad, print them out and fold them out of paper.

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