Office<sup>2</sup> HD: Microsoft Office On Your iPad

We’ve always had some way to edit text on the iPad. From the start there was Pages, and although it’s great, for those of us who work with Microsoft Office documents all the time, there are certain features that Pages just doesn’t have. High on that list is the ability to track changes in a Word document, something that lots of people need.

Office2 HD fills that need and more. It’s almost like having the complete Office suite on your iPad, with a few exceptions. Let’s get into it after the jump. 

What It Does

Office2 HD is three apps in one. It can handle Microsoft Word files (in both .doc and .docx), Excel files (in .xls and .xlsx) and PowerPoint presentations (in .ppt and .pptx). Not only can you open all these formats, but you can also work on them too, editing and changing them to suit your needs.

You've got lots of settings to play with, which is pretty sweet.

You’ve got lots of settings to play with, which is pretty sweet.

I don’t use PowerPoint, so I have no real way to test how useful or not it is in Office2 HD. However, I do use Word and Excel on a daily basis, so most of this discussion will veer towards that direction.

Files Without a File System

The iPad doesn’t use a traditional file system like your computer does, so moving files around and working with them can become a bit difficult. This process isn’t necessarily made easier with Office2 HD, but there are a few workarounds that make it work well enough.


Office2 HD can connect to your Dropbox account, so that’s the first thing I did. I then navigated to the folder that contained the docs I wanted to use, then tapped to open one up. Just like you’d expect, the document appeared right on the screen and I was able to edit it immediately, no problem.

Yes, you can save files. But it's a bit weird.

Yes, you can save files. But it’s a bit weird.

Getting your documents back onto Dropbox however, is a different story. Since you can’t just save right over the doc, you have to save it first to Office2 HD’s Local Files section. From there you can touch the filename and then hit the Open In… button, and open it in Dropbox. This triggers the iPad to switch over to Dropbox, where you’ll see a “Save As” menu. It lets you save the doc to your Dropbox — kind of.

Once you select the option to save to Dropbox, the Dropbox app opens up and you've got the option to save your file where you want.

Once you select the option to save to Dropbox, the Dropbox app opens up and you’ve got the option to save your file where you want.

In my tests, the file did save to my Dropbox account in the specified folder, but it appended a (1) to the file name since the file already existed in that location. Had I renamed it, then it would’ve just saved it as is. Point is that it’s not really easy to save things between your Dropbox and Office2 HD, but the ability to access, edit and then export to Dropbox at all is pretty sweet.

Working With Word

If you have to work with a word processor, Pages will do just fine. But some jobs require you to have the Track Changes feature turned on, something which is very Microsoft Word-centric. I had never experienced this myself until just recently, when a client told me that it had to be done or else the job wouldn’t be accepted. I hate using Word on the Mac, so Office2 HD became my next best option.

Turning on the Track Changes feature is pretty easy.

Turning on the Track Changes feature is pretty easy.

To turn on the Track Changes feature, I went to the wrench in the upper right corner of the screen, then to Track Changes. After flipping the switch to “On,” I could then tweak a few settings and call it good to go. As soon as I started changing things around, those little windows popped up to the side, indicating that these changes were recorded. I even tested the file on my Mac, and sure enough, they all showed up.

Just like that, all your changes are tracked. That easy.

Just like that, all your changes are tracked. That easy.

Otherwise, working with Microsoft Word files in Office2 HD is just like working with any other word processor. There really aren’t any special bells and whistles to talk about, it just works and works well.

Excel and Spreadsheets

I use spreadsheets all the time, but I use Numbers because it’s pretty and it works really well for my needs. Again, some clients prefer (or require) Excel, so that’s what I have to use.

For testing purposes this time around, I pulled up a few Excel files in both .xlsx and .xls formats, no problems at all. Adding items into cells though, that was a little bit trickier.

Excel spreadsheets are easy to work with as well, with a few quirks.

Excel spreadsheets are easy to work with as well, with a few quirks.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m so used to using Numbers or if Excel is just that much different on the PC, but I kept trying to enter in text or numbers into the cells themselves, when I should’ve been filling in the box at the top of the screen. It was a bit counterintuitive for me, and I’m not sure if that’s down to the app being more PC-centric, or me just being slow at that particular moment, but it was a bit of an issue. Once that mind block was figured out, I was able to work with the spreadsheet the same as I would on my Mac. It’s about as 1-to-1 as you can get.

Other Tidbits

The UI on this app isn’t pretty. That’s not to say that it’s ugly, because it’s not. It’s just not very attractive though, in a passable but not show worthy sense. The icon is probably the best example of that, as it’s something you don’t necessarily want on your home screen.

The UI isn't pretty. Is that important? It's up to you.

The UI isn’t pretty. Is that important? It’s up to you.

But Office isn’t about being pretty, it’s about working, and that’s what Office2 HD does: it works. I never had it crash, nor did I have a problem saving docs. There was always an option, and it always worked.

Final Thoughts

OK, so it’s not pretty, but it works and works really well. It’s the only app you’d need to have a mobile office loaded with the Office Suite, and it’s all on your iPad. For some, that’s all they need to hear and it’s a done deal.

Here’s the way I use it: I like the app because of its functionality, but since it is so close to Microsoft Word and Excel in looks and usage, it’s not the one I’ll go to for initial drafts. Instead, Office2 HD is more about working with existing documents, not for making things fresh. That’s not to say that you couldn’t, but from my perspective, there are a lot better spreadsheet and text editors out there that look and function just as well.


Work with Microsoft Office files on your iPad, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Leo

    My essential iPad app for business is Beesy. It’s a great tool for my everyday life at work. help to sort out and don’t forget a thing on my differents projects. Very useful also in meeting with I can take note and send minutes at the end of the meeting by mail very quickly and easily.

  • JD

    Thanks for the review. I never quite understood why Docs to Go and Quickoffice were regularly quoted as go-to options for Office on iOS but Office2 rarely got mentioned until it introduced tracking changes. I originally bought it because I wanted Dropbox integration and Office2 seemed to tick all the boxes while being cheaper than other options. I’ve now been using it on both my iPhone and iPad for about 2 years and it has been very reliable.

    • Καμερες

      From the pictures I understand that it is very good! Very important and the reliability!

    • druikje

      I cannot get the Office2 Plus xls file to save back into dropbox.
      Anyone any suggestions ? forgot to mention : from my iPhone.

  • Conor

    A couple of questions:

    Is there a simple word only app from the same developer? A bit like yourself, I only use word and would rarely need to access excell or PowerPoint and hardly ever for editing purposes.

    How does this compare to other mobile writing apps? I use Evernote regularly for writing on my iPad and I find it ideal, especially as it syncs so easily. However, having a word compatible editing programme could make life … Different 😉

    How much is it?

    • Kevin Whipps

      Doc2 HD is made by Byte Squared as well, and runs $5.99. Looks to have all the same features, we just haven’t reviewed it yet.

      Also, I’m a Simplenote fan. We’ll have more on a magically syncing process on that soon.

  • Stephanie

    Does it require Internet access to edit?

  • Ardameh

    have this office any filter option?

  • Neels Coertse

    I use Office2HD rather a lot. Last night I saved my work and had supper. When I returned and tried to access it, all I get is a screen with the wording “Office2HD No file opened” and the screen on the lefthand side is blank. The meesage appears on the right.

    Any help or suggestions, please? Neels Coertse. Sandton. South Africa.

  • aim

    I lost the full screen layout view of my saved word documents when I updated to the latest:(
    Could not adjust the margins and could not see the full text unless it’s on page layout. Page layout is tough to use because you can’t read the tiny texts unless you expand. How do I go back to the previous — without the latest update?

  • James

    There’s no decent Word app on the iPad that I can find. This one is fine for simple notes, but crashes regularly when using tracked changes. Then you email yourself the file and find that Word can’t open it… So no, it doesn’t work really well – unless you’re happy with the level of word processing support that PCs left behind in the 1990s.

    The lack of proper Word doc support on the iPad is a real disappointment.

    • Hope Anderson

      James, I totally agree. I’m still having trouble getting my files to upload to Dropbox (or anything else) and have lost revisions when I’ve tried to edit documents on Office2HD. I was hoping my iPad would eliminate the need for a laptop when I travel, but I’ve given up trying to write long documents on it–it’s just too risky.

  • Morris

    I have been using CloudOn for excel and find its excellent – however as the name suggests it needs to be online to work. Does anyone know of an App that works as well as CloudOn that allows viewing & editing excel files when offline? I downloaded quickoffice but was not impressed with UI and it seemed limited in functionality. Any advice would be greatly appreciated