iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Hollywood infiltrates this week’s group of games, which include tie-ins from the films Despicable Me and Man of Steel. And while there are nine different characters in Rail Rush, your main character is slightly reminiscent of a certain Mr. Jones, first name: Indiana.

If you’re more in the mood to turn down the action a bit, we also have a puzzler and a turn-based farm-building game. But just because they’re comparatively shorter on action doesn’t mean they aren’t just as challenging in their own ways. Click “more” to put yourself to the test.

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While taking on the role of a farmer in Europe in the 17th century probably wouldn’t be very pleasant in real life, it sure is fun in this game. You and a spouse must grow a two-bedroom hut and empty yard into a productive, income-generating farm.

Incorporating fun elements of both strategy and world-building games, Agricola asks you to sow and harvest crops, raise animals, and expand your property (and your family) in order to increase your wealth and better support the farm. But there’s a catch. Unlike other farming games, here you’re not free to go at your own pace.

This is a turn-based game, played in six stages and 14 rounds. When it’s your turn, place a family member token on a location in your town to collect resources or take an action that will improve your farm. For example, get new building materials, like wood and clay, plow a field, or build fences. See who can create the most advanced farm by the end of the 14th round!

Price: $6.99
Developer: Playdek
Download: iTunes



Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Become one of Gru’s Minions! As one of his ultraloyal, yellow, little gibberish-speaking followers you’ll be tasked with — what else — carrying out Gru’s every command. This means competing against all the other Minions in bizarre challenges to prove your loyalty to your boss and earn the title of Minion of the Year.

Gru’s orders will send you on hundreds of missions that will have you jumping, flying, dodging obstacles and collecting all-important bananas as you venture through places such as Gru’s lab and house — but be on the lookout for Vector and other villains! Also, to make sure your Minion stands out from all the rest, customize him or her with costumes, defenses and special power-ups.

Of course, the quality graphics, Minions’ quirky personalities, and wacky humor — all of which are in line with what you surely remember from the film, Despicable Me — are what really make this game so enjoyable.

Price: Free
Developer: Gameloft
Download: iTunes

Despicable Me Minion Rush


Man of Steel HD

The official tie-in game for Man of Steel has arrived, and it puts you front and center in all the action. You’re dropped into the storyline just as General Zod has begun invading Earth, and you need to get your superpowers up to (super) speed stat if you’re going to stop him.

Master Superman’s fighting maneuvers and combinations, plus powers such as flight, super speed, heat vision and others. The more powerful you become, the more opportunities you’ll have to upgrade your abilities, access new suits (unlock and purchase up to six different suits from the movie), and progress through the plot which mimics that of the movie.

Battle mini bosses and some of the adversaries featured in the film as you advance through Story mode — which will take you from the Kent Farm and Smallville to Metropolis — or max out your high scores in Survival mode. Either way, it’s up to you to save humanity!

Price: $4.99
Developer: Warner Bros.
Download: iTunes

Man of Steel HD


Puzzle Retreat

Puzzle Retreat offers nearly five dozen puzzles to solve, plus six additional packs you can purchase if you get really addicted (and let’s face it, you will). To solve the puzzles, you must slide blocks to fill all the holes in the grid, and you must use all the blocks. It sounds simple, right? It’s not.

The task is made much more difficult once you realize there’s a certain order in which you must slide all the blocks, and you’re going to go mad trying to work out what that order must be. Of course, the addition of special blocks, such as Fire blocks, Stop blocks and Arrow blocks — all of which have different effects on the blocks and the puzzle itself — stir up even more mayhem.

There’s an in-game communication component, which allows you to discuss puzzles with other players should you get stuck and need help or, I suppose, just want to empathize with one another over how hopelessly addicted to the game you’ve become. With the latest update of Puzzle Retreat come two free puzzles per pack, three languages added, faster load times, a smaller app size, unique backgrounds, a Garden pack, and more.

Price: Free
Developer: The Voxel Agents
Download: iTunes

Puzzle Retreat


Rail Rush

Rail Rush will challenge your hand-eye coordination and put your reflexes to the test as it thrills you with nonstop action. Be prepared to step into a rail cart in a mine and, well, hardly get a break after that.

Speed over the tracks, collecting precious stones and gold nuggets by tilting your cart to take the curves, and swiping to avoid obstacles. Periodically you’ll be given the opportunity to improve your cart with power-ups, which will increase your score and odds of earning more treasure.

The latest incarnation of the game saw a major performance overhaul, stability improvements, added minigames, plus three new worlds to take you beyond the mine: the Steam Factory, Jurassic Jungle, and Pharoah’s Tomb. Keep your eye out for hidden levels, too!

Price: Free
Developer: Miniclip.com
Download: iTunes

Rail Rush

What Are You Playing?

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