8 Great Ways to Keep Track on the iPad

Throughout the ages humans have always had to keep track of things, from counting on an abacus, to remembering the milk with a post-it. The iPhone, and now the iPad, have provided us with a vast array of possible solutions for helping us to remember and stay organised.

Interestingly, one of the announcements regarding iOS 5 at the WWDC keynote was about the introduction of an integrated Reminders feature. I have to say that for general use it looks great, it even works with iCloud so that all of your devices are kept accurately updated!

As with several other native applications, Apple hasn’t come straight out and targeted the heavy power user. Instead, Apple has built what looks to be a solid and indispensable app suitable for everyone, but that leaves space for more powerful and feature-rich applications that cater for all possible needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps that are unlikely to feel too worried, some great solutions for keeping yourself organised!



A great mid-range To-Do application for anyone who has a craving for features. 2Do does almost anything you can think of, from location based tasks to alarm reminders and highly configurable recurrences.

I love the classic styling of the interface and the simply vast array of customisation available. It also has a variety of options for synchronisation, although none of the methods I’ve tried have been hugely successful.

Price: $6.99
Developer: Guided Ways



Things is one of the premier apps for those looking to keep their tasks in order. It has been praised highly for the simplicity of its interface and the way it allows you to focus.

The downside here is that there’s no easy way to cloud sync your tasks, it’s something that has been in the works for a long time. Fortunately for loyal Things users, iCloud may provide the solution.

Price: $19.99
Developer: Cultured Code



Much more than a task manager, Omnifocus is a powerful GTD app that provides and all-in-one solution for keeping track of your life. The price makes it only suitable for those who require the power behind its gorgeous interface.

It cloud syncs with Omnifocus for iPhone and Mac and has a development team behind it that’s always working hard to keep it ahead of the game.

Price: $39.99
Developer: The Omni group



Toodledo is one of the most popular task apps for the iPad, possibly by virtue of its low cost approach. The interface allows for customisation to fit any desired workflow.

It syncs with the Toodledo online service and offers a debatable ‘Pro’ subscription that doesn’t add a great deal of functionality.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Toodledo

Awesome Note HD

Awesome Note HD

Awesome Note HD is an app that certainly won’t be threatened by the arrival of Apple’s Reminders. It changes focus from simply keeping track of tasks or projects towards keeping all your notes and tasks together.

It sports a colourful and engaging interface and allows you to select between several custom themes for your notes. If you can’t see why your notes and tasks should be separate then give Awesome Note HD a look!

Price: $4.99
Developer: BRID

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a free task app that strips the concept back to only the very essential functionality. Keeping it simple definitely has its advantages, some people swear by it!

This is one app that may suffer once Apple’s Reminders app becomes active, the extra in-app purchase required for unlimited synchronisation will look unappealing in a few months.

Price: Free
Developer: Remember The Milk



For anyone who loves to customise their apps Todo is a dream, it has a library of different themes available for purchase to satisfy the restless.

It takes the concept of the binder and applies it to the iPad, if you’re a fan of apps replicating a physical experience then Todo may be for you.

Price: $4.99
Developer: Appigo

Wunderlist HD

Wunderlist HD

We reviewed Wunderlist a month of so ago and found it to be a solid free offering that has some great features that many apps charge for.

With online sync, list sharing, and integration with Windows and Mac apps, Wunderlist HD is a solid offering and definitely worth a look if you’re not set on a task management app.

Price: Free
Developer: 6Wunderkinder

Your Thoughts

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What task management app do you use? Are you happy with how much it cost? Are you looking forward to Reminders – will you be switching to Apple’s own application?

  • Radd

    Things for iPad is $20, not $10. For a moment, I thought they had come to their senses and reduced the price, but alas, it is not so.

    • Joel Bankhead

      Thanks for the spot! Missed a ‘1’.

  • http://dark-acre.com Christopher ‘Jack’ Nilssen

    Despite there being no official iPad version, Epic Win (http://www.rexbox.co.uk/epicwin/) is far and away my favorite method for task-tracking.

    It just makes a to-do list more fun, and as a game designer I appreciate the little quirks it has. I wish a couple more developers would step up and offer some competition.


  • ChrisB

    I use OmniFocus now. I’ll probably stick with it. But this will certainly put pressure on OmniGroup to step things up if they want to keep justifying their insanely high prices.

    • http://www.hammyhavoc.com Hammy Havoc

      Hopefully the iCloud APIs will allow them to offer better syncing, team delegation and a few other nice features. The Mac version is in dire need of an update to a better GUI that is similar to the iPad version, as is OmniOutliner.

  • http://justinpaine.com xxdesmus

    These apps have nothing to worry about from Apple’s task product. Anyone who sought out a real task app (and in theory paid money for the app or service) is seriously enough to know that Apple’s implementation is extremely basic, and also EXTREMELY walled in.

    Remember The Milk in particular should be fine — it’s offers far more flexibility and features than Apple’s tasks. For example, RTM works inside Gmail (the amazing RTM sidebar), the Google Calendar gadget, desktop gadgets for Windows and Mac, Android app, WP7 app, WebOS app, and most importantly a web-based option for your tasks. Apple’s task app simply doesn’t come close for those of us serious about our tasks management.

    I’m sure some casual users will settle for the built-in app, but anyone who is even vaguely serious will look else where.

    • India

      I couldn’t agree more. I personal love Wunderlist and Todo. I have no plans to switch to Apple’s reminders.

      I think those who would be interested in using Reminder’s will probably be newcomers to iOS. It’s a nice effort but Apple came late to the game on this one.

    • Joel Bankhead

      I think you’re right.

      Very much like Apple’s Notes app, Reminders will be useful as a basic tool for those new to iOS, but will be ignored in favour of more powerful and feature packed apps by most.

    • http://www.stephenmdixon.com Stephen Dixon

      I have to disagree. For example, I use Notes a heck of lot and prefer it to any other note-taking app. The reason being that it gets the job done and syncs across all my devices using MobileMe. Furthermore, it comes with every iOS device. I see Reminders being very much the same with that added ability of location-aware reminders, which I think is a killer feature.

      • http://www.hammyhavoc.com Hammy Havoc

        I wish that OmniOutliner integrated with Notes or replaced it. Both are seriously great, but neither are perfect.

  • Sealdriver

    I use OmniFocus on Mac, iPhone and iPad and obviously will continue to do so, it’s a marvel. Apple’s offerings are welcome and may well meet the requirements of many but I can’t see that I’ll be using it.

  • Filippus Johansson

    I’m using Flow, and loving it!:D

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  • http://www.techjot.com TechJot

    Todo all the way! Wunderlist is a close second.

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  • Voodoo

    I am switched from Things to Firetask (http://www.firetask.com/)

  • Anon

    I regret buying Things for iPad/iPhone/desktop. Together it cost nearly $100 and while it looks great — the sync is beyond pathetic. It’s essentially useless. CC keeps promising an improved sync… for a fee. Can’t wait for Notifications.

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  • http://www.aeronaves.org Aeronaves

    OmniGroup to step things up if they want to keep justifying their insanely high prices.

  • Eve

    If you wanna try something more funny with a lot of pictures, try Moredays.com it is something different and very nice… Good for personal use, not for teams or companies…

  • Stephie Daniel

    I would like to suggest task tracking software from Replicon. The most trusted and hassle free tools that I have been working with from a very long time.