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iPhoto vs. Photogene: Which is Best?

When Apple announced the release of iPhoto for iPad last year, many people, including myself, ditched their current image editing app in favor of the newcomer, simply because of the prestigious reputation of the software itself. But, the question is, how does iPhoto for iPad compare to the likes of Photogene, an application that has been an App Store favorite for over half a decade? Read on to find out!


The Frustrations of an iPad-Owning Photographer

Just look at the iPad. Look at that ever-so-thin, yet robust, metallic body. Look at that expanse of touch-sensitive glass, mounted on top of a bold, bright, high resolution display. You’ll just have to make do with thinking about all the processor power squeezed into the unfathomably small crevice between the two. This, surely, is a product made with the photographer in mind.


The iPad and Professional Photographers and Artists

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been looking to start my own creative firm. My idea is pretty simple, or at least, I thought it was. I wanted to have a firm to myself, where the creative work is placed ahead of the agency’s financial needs, that served as a playground for me to exercise my ideas while looking for full-time work as I leave university. The problem is, I’ve been stuck on a name.

Because I’ve been stuck on a name, I’ve had lots of time to figure out how to integrate the tools I already have into the studio. My iPad is a big priority: To me, I see it as a tool to show clients what it is they’re paying me for. And I’ve found some great apps that I think are going to be really useful for any photographer or artist/designer. These apps aren’t going to help you replace your laptop or desktop in your workflow, but they might help you when you’re on the go, or more importantly, when you’re working with a client.


Spice Up Your Snapshots with A Beautiful Mess

Are you a fan of A Beautiful Mess? No, I am not referring to that time your toddler decided to transform your living room wall into a Crayola mural when you turned your back for five minutes. I am talking about the oh-so-popular lifestyle blog written by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

Fan or not, A Beautiful Mess has recently launched an app of the same name, designed to beautify your photographs without having to spend hours post-processing. Click “more” to read on.


Gather Photos From Various Sources in a Single Beautiful App With Cooliris

Haven’t you spent hours looking for a picture on your online photo storage and social networks with no success? Don’t you find it annoying to have to browse pictures your friends post on various social networks from different apps? We’ve got the perfect application for you: Cooliris — a great piece of software to view photos from multiple sources — all with an outstanding user experience.

I have owned an iPad for quite some time now, and found it to be an excellent tool for both amateur photographers like myself and professionals alike. Sure, an iPad will never be able to replace a computer for serious photo editing (well, for me, anyway,) but I feel that it has definitely earned a place in the discerning photographers kit bag.

Hit the jump to discover ten iPad essentials that every photographer should own.


Let’s face it – whether or not we own an iPhone, most of us are aware of its proficient picture-taking ability and the abundance of apps to support it. The popularity of iPhoneography has driven developers to produce apps of the highest quality, and to fill numerous photographic niches.

The iPad, however, isn’t known for its camera, yet plenty of iPad owners can be seen at concerts and events, taking pictures and video. It seems bizarre that these folks haven’t had a quality iPad-specific photography app to work with.

It comes as a relief, then, that this void in the App Store’s catalogue has started to be filled. The new arrival is Blux Camera, the latest in a series of photo- and videographic apps by Blux Touch, which have been hugely popular on iPhone. But can this app turn your iPad into a truly usable, if rather overgrown, photographic companion?


Process: An Image Editor With Big Ambition

In every category of the App Store, there are one or two top-of-the-range apps which attempt to elevate themselves above their competitors. They are usually a joy to use, both because of their feature set and because they are pleasing on the eye. This quality and exclusivity often brings with it an inflated price, but often enough, users are happy to pay more.

At $14.99, image editor Process is clearly attempting to fall into the category of apps mentioned above. In fact, the App Store profile of Process tells customers directly that this app is different from its competitors — providing a large selection of presets and editing tools as well as rapid processing.

Based on the price alone, you might reasonably assume that Process is immeasurably better than Snapseed, Photoshop Touch, or Photogene – but is it? Let’s find out for ourselves.


Camera+ is far from a newcomer to the App Store with its smaller brother being a favourite of photographers for a long time now on the iPhone. So when I heard that the developers had released an iPad version, I knew I had to get my hands on it as fast as I could!


In the world of desktop image editing, there is only one name that springs to mind in front of all others – Photoshop. But when it comes to the iPad, the choice isn’t so clear, despite Adobe’s presence in the App Store.

With this in mind, I approached this review of Photogene with the hope of discovering a more heavyweight alternative. Mobile Pond, the developer of Photogene, is hardly a household name – they only have this one iPad product in the App Store – but this is an app which is slowly gaining popularity. At $2.99, it’s certainly a cheaper alternative to the products produced by the software giants, but when it comes to serious editing, is it a better alternative?


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