Brandon Jones

My name is Brandon Jones. I am the Director of Technology Services & Team Lead for the Creative Support Team for All Nations Cape Town. I plant simple churches & work in community development in any spare time. In it all, I try to orient life around hope, justice & peace.

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More than games or entertainment apps, apps focused on productivity are my bread and butter. I initially shied away from the iPad due to wondering if it “had what it takes” in an environment that moved beyond simple entertainment needs. My initial perception was that an iPad was a consumption device and not one to produce anything of worth. Thankfully, within hours of owning the iPad 2, its potential as a workhorse shone right through my initial perceptions. Not everything was perfect, and I still haven’t found all of my dream apps, but with the appearance of apps like MagicalPad I have become more confident that the iPad is a serious contender for use in the workplace on a day to day basis. There are even glimpses of its potential to replace laptops, and I think we’ll see elements of that in this review.


I’ve learned two primary things in the brief year I’ve owned an iPad 2; an iPad isn’t really a good substitute for a computer in everyday work, and iPad’s are brilliant supplements to everyday work. There is much I do on the computer that is significantly more time consuming with the iPad (if it can be done with it at all), but because of the plethora of specially designed productivity tools and business oriented applications, it’s perfect for taking into a meeting, having on my lap at a conference, or even presenting from (when that necessity arises).

Sketchshare is one of those apps that strives to make the iPad a perfect companion and supplement for your “full-time” computer. It’s designed to do one thing well, collaborative sketching, with added features that make it attractive for a variety of different work and business environments.