Not long after the release of the first iPad, I remember reading about a local school district that had big plans for it. They intended to get every student in grades 3-12 their own iPad, and to have carts of them accessible for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. At the time, I didn’t own an iPad, so I was a bit shocked by the scope of their plan. However, I bought an iPad 2 soon after its release, and it only took me about a week to understand why many schools didn’t waste any time implementing these amazing devices into their educational plans.

For a lot of reasons the iPad is the perfect computer for young kids today. It is super intuitive, easy to handle, and fun to play with. When I was in grade school (this is going to date me), the only “computer” I wanted to play with was Atari. There are plenty of games on the iPad reminiscent of Atari that are solely for entertainment purposes, but there are also a myriad of apps out there that can really engage kids and help them learn. The really good ones, like Math Monsters, help to make learning fun. Math Monsters literally gets creative with numbers, and in the end it’s a fantastic game that helps kids hone their math skills. If you’ve got kids anywhere from Pre-K to 4th grade who want to have fun learning math, read on…


I love sports. Since the day I bought my iPad, I have used it to manage my fantasy teams, watch sports, and keep up to date on the latest news for the teams I follow. I played sports in high school and college and have coached at various levels. I still love to jump in a competitive game when I get a chance.

When I learned about CoachNote, I was excited to give it a try and find out if it would turn my iPad into a useful coaching tool.

Even if you haven’t grown up playing sports, you can probably remember a sports movie where the team huddles around the coach while he draws up the last winning play on a white board. CoachNote aims to replace that white board and make it much, much better. It is, essentially, a digital whiteboard that can be used as a great teaching tool for almost any sport. Allowing you to save and animate plays and drills so they can be quickly accessible whenever you need them.