Dave Reason

Following a three-year degree course in Popular music and recording, Dave ventured on a career in the AV market - working for a company that install and maintain large Audio Visual solutions. As well as his day job, Dave spends large amounts of time in his local church. As well as running the sound desk, he also plays in the bands and works in the churches recording studio.

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Combined with an ever increasing range of hardware, the iPad is becoming as popular a device on stage for musicians as traditional stomp boxes. When taking the considerable cost of owning one amplifier – never mind multiples – and a few simple pedals into account, your pocket may be thanking you for looking at using software rather than more traditional setups.

With solutions like AmpliTube already available on your iPad, AmpKit+ is already making headway into the market. However, the question on your lips – does it sound the same as the real thing?


With the recent news about Google Goggles and the revelation that Oakley are doing something similar, augmented reality is starting to breakthrough from the realms of technical research into mainstream technology. With the possibility that the Sci-Fi movies of yesterday are getting closer and closer to today, Aurasma looks to make a small step into the iOS market that could mean one giant leap for augmented reality.


When it comes to creating music in a cost-efficient way, more and more people are turning to their iPads for the solution. The drum machine market alone could be considered fairly large on the iPad and features a large range of applications – many of which are either easy to use but lack in features, or have lots of features but are extensive to learn.

Fingerlabs have created a drum machine that looks to combine an easy to use approach but with plenty of features under the hood…