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Before the Japanese began sending people through foam Tetris shapes via conveyor belt, there was a golden age of the game show in America. Shows like The Match Game and Family Feud were primetime hits and the trickle down effect even led to niche off-shoots like Supermarket Sweep.

There’s still a feeling of nostalgia with many gameshows, today. Be it primetime or daytime, many generations grew up with Bob Barker, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek and while many never have punched their ticket to the live audience show in California, for a much lower price you can live vicariously through an avatar contestant on the iPad.

Today we’ve put together three classic gameshows reincarnated on the iPad: Family Feud and Friends, Jeopardy HD, and Wheel of Fortune HD. Let’s jump right in! (more…)

Do you hate PowerPoint? Want to give your presentations a little bit of jazz and pop that just can’t be achieved with an animated spiral-in textbox? You may be in luck.

With the help of a dead simple app called Haiku Deck, you can use your iPad to create presentation content on the fly and then share it via social media. Let’s find out more, shall we? (more…)

Mobile apps and the cloud have tarnished remote desktop wizardry. In days gone by, being able to see your desktop on another computer halfway across the country was amazing. You could edit documents, look at your photo library or delete files all while your main computer stayed at home. With the iPad though, most users settle the “lite” version of computing via iOS.

If you want to use your daily computer to get any real work done, you still often need to pull out the laptop or chain yourself to a desk to use a remote access application. Not so with Splashtop 2 for the iPad. It promises to bring all the joy of your PC’s finely-tuned operating system to your iPad and do so seamlessly.

Let’s find out if it follows through on those promises. (more…)

Let’s face it: the Microsoft Office suite has largely dominated the workplace productivity landscape for the better part of two decades. Even as worthy competitors have arisen, the “industry standard” nature of the programs has pushed them to the side. Now however, as there are evolving spheres of software platforms, developers are working to incorporate that standard into their products. Web and mobile apps are providing support for importing the dreaded .docx, .xlsx and .pptx formats.

While Microsoft seemingly crawls toward the release of their first-party Office iPad app, it is being beaten to the punch. There are umpteen text editors for iOS, some full office suite alternatives, and of course, Apple’s own iWork set to compete with. But now, SlideShark has chosen to concentrate solely on presentations. So how does it fare? Read on to find out! (more…)

Many kids dream of becoming a fighter pilot when they are young: slicing through the clouds, perfectly executing barrel rolls and overtly defying death and gravity. When you’re just a kid, it’s easy to imagine being the next Top Gun (or Iceman for that matter).

Then of course, reality sets in, and you realize that not every average Joe gets the opportunity to fly multi-million dollar aircraft while an American flag flutters in the background and strings of Jimi Hendrix’ Star-Spangled Banner pump through your headset. You realize that the rare opportunity to do so went out the window with your high school growth spurt and hereditarily imperfect eyesight (still love you, Mom). Jetting across the blue in a bullet of taxpayer money now requires a lengthy tour in the military and that’s if you don’t get relegated to flying a svelte-deficient supply plane.

But at the end of the day, there are bigger disappointments in life. Sure, maybe no one recognizes your inborn abilities in the saddle, but you can still come home to Star Wars: X-Wing on your old x86 PC, Warhawk for your PS3, and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy on your iPad. And the latter affords a certain portability that an F22 Raptor unfortunately lacks. Hit “More” for the rest of the review!


I don’t exactly consider myself a green freak. Sure, I do my part: recycling when I can, buying CFLs to replace burned-out incandescent bulbs, and driving a subcompact, but I draw the line at washing and reusing a plastic sandwich bag (no offense to those who do).

When Earth Day sprung up on the calendar this past Sunday, though, I took a few moments to reflect on how I could be a little greener.

That’s when I found Verde, an iPad app geared not only at reducing your carbon footprint, but also at saving you money. And the latter is a green I’m pretty sure anyone can get behind.

So did Verde help assuage my inner naturalist? Read on to find out…