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Jon Adair is a web developer, iOS user and trainee photographer living near and working in Henley-on-Thames in the UK.

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I don’t know a great deal about dinosaurs, however, I do remember being fascinated by them as a child. I grew up with Jurassic Park in the cinema and often went fossil hunting on the beaches of the south coast of England.

Understandably then, I jumped at the chance to take a look at a new app: Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad. The app’s description promises;

The most comprehensive interactive dinosaur encyclopedia on the iPad.

Complete with in excess of 60 “photo realistic” animated, 3D dinosaurs. So does this app really give you a view of what it was like inside the world of the dinosaurs?

Read on to find out…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ll know that Apple released the fifth version of their iOS operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad this week. This latest version is, arguably, their biggest update since version two which introduced native apps. So what does this mean for iPad users? Read on to find out the big new features along with five of my top tips for getting the most out of your iPad with iOS 5…


Internet shopping has become a way of life for many people. Especially as it’s easier than ever to shop while on the go with sites like eBay and Amazon having mobile apps. Keeping track of your deliveries is entirely another matter. Scraps of paper, or maybe even a folder or label in your inbox are what most people probably resort to. The problem is compounded if you’re an eBay seller as you’ll need to keep track of outgoing packages as well.

I first heard about Delivery Status a few years ago when it was just a free Dashboard widget for Mac. When it became a fully-fledged iPhone app, I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s now available on iPad too, but is it worth the money and does it really make keeping track of your deliveries any easier? Read on to find out…


The internet has been abuzz recently with the news of hacked servers, stolen passwords and security scares. We’re constantly reminded that our ‘stuff’ on the internet isn’t as secure, or as safe, as perhaps we’d like it to be and that the best way to keep it secure is to have a super strong password.

The trouble with super strong passwords is that they’re hard to remember. Which means you have to write them down somewhere. Which kind of defeats the point.

Oh, and your super strong password should be unique to each site and you should change it regularly.

1Password Pro from AgileBits is here to try to solve all of your password-related problems. Available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and now Windows as well, this is one application that no computer user should be without. The idea behind it is to keep all of your super strong passwords kept safely behind one master password (hence the name). But does this really make you safer online?

We’re going to take a look at the iPad version of 1Password to see how easy it is to use, if it really can make password management easier and if it’s worth your money.