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Jorge is a student and a man of many affairs. When he's not too busy being a music geek, he likes to write at his mediocre website.

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There are a multitude of apps and services that let you bookmark articles for reading later, just like there are plenty of apps that give you a clean, readable version of any article you give it. And don’t get me started on apps that let you share your content through a social network. Do you really need another timeline?

But how about a service that pulls all of these features together, making it much easier to clean up your articles, store them for later, annotate them and share them when you are done reading them? Yes, it exists, it’s called dotdotdot and it’s available for the iPad! Want to check it out?

Hey bedroom musicians out there, do you ever feel limited whilst you’re writing songs because you don’t have anybody to work out ideas with? I know I do, and I recently took an interest in creating a bigger sound through looping. But every piece of gear that I found out there for doing so was out of my hobby budget.

That’s how I found Loopy — an iOS app for recording and looping multiple tracks in real time. It’s a pretty cool tool for any musician out there interested in easily creating a number of layers to play around with. Want to check it out? Then read on after the break.

Everything that we do nowadays is somehow connected to our social networks: we get new content from Twitter, we share things on Facebook, we reblog things from Tumblr; so why not just make our iPad web browsing experience a social network in itself?

That’s where Webnote comes in. It’s a brand new iPad app that parts from the concept that everything that we do around the web is social nowadays, so why not make your browsing experience sharing-enabled? Interesting, right? Let’s check it out!

It isn’t often that you find a puzzler that can keep your attention without getting repetitive or annoying. My main problem with them is just that — it’s hard to come across a game that gets you thinking while also keeping you intrigued and entertained. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to review today’s game, The Room, as it promised a new and unique experience.

The Room is a storyline-driven puzzle game with lots of mystery. It goes for $5 dollars and it has received lots of praise, as it was picked as the App Store Editor’s Choice. Are you interested? (more…)

The internet provides an amazing way to communicate with people all over the world, for any purpose that you’d like. Sometimes that’s easy to forget when you spend so much time doing other stuff like watching cat videos. Take traveling as an example, doing a quick search on the web about a foreign strange place that you’d like to visit will give you a ton of useful information that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

The iPad is a particularly amazing device to travel with, because of its portability and all the things it can do, like have worldwide internet connectivity with 3G and give you access to updated maps all over the world. That’s why today we’re bringing you an app that can help you connect with locals from all over the world and get questions answered regarding their area, right on your iPad. It’s called Ask A Nomad. Are you interested?


One of the many ways Apple likes to market the iPad is by appealing to college students, even handing out discounts on their products to certain schools (they still have those, right?). A big reason for this is the portability and high capability of the device, ideal for helping them keep up with their schoolwork.

However, an iPad as it is wouldn’t be as useful for a student: the apps are what makes it useful. Today we’re reviewing an app that can help students keep their work, schedules and more organized. It’s called Pocket Schedule.


The iPad is quite a revolutionary device, in that it tries to change the way we do many things. There are tons of apps for doing just about anything with a few simple swipes of your fingers, but navigating through videos can still be awkward unless you’re using YouTube.

The app that we are reviewing today is called Squrl, and it tries to make browsing videos from different sources fun, intuitive, and simple. Let’s see how it fares!


I’ve been a Kindle user for a few years now. I love it, mostly because it’s great at one thing and one thing only: immersing yourself in reading. Everything from the screen, to the store, to the battery and the size, provides a perfect experience for reading books.

When I got my iPad, I didn’t know what would happen. Would I end up selling my Kindle and replacing it with my iPad, or would I end up using both. I think you can guess for yourself what happened. Here’s why…


It’s easy to get lost in the iPad gaming market. More than any other type of app, there are tons and tons of games, and even more of them coming out every day. We all know and have played the usual games that everybody buys: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope. But what about the more immersive, time-consuming games? All of the games I mentioned are great, but what about the other great games that are out there?

This roundup is of games that are a little deeper than those – 15 awesome games for your iPad!


Reading documents on the iPad is a pleasure: the intuitivity and portability of it make it a classy and entertaining task. But sometimes it can get messy when you don’t have support for certain file formats, or when you’re not sure where your documents are being stored.

Today we are going to review an app called ReaddleDocs that could very well be your default go-to application to store and organize all of your files; whether they are PDF books, photos, videos or any other type of office application document. Let’s take a look!


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