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Hi! I'm Josiah Oakley and I am absolutely in love with Apple products, applications, and technology in general. For the last 3 years I produced a web show called Mac Tips & Tricks. This web show reviews applications and various tips for Mac. It is widely popular and I am excited to write about Mac apps for AppStorm. I also have a practical approach to any review or article. You can also find some of my work on YouTube @ talkingmac or follow me on Twitter @jooak

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It is now summer! You now have a whole lot of free time, right? Free time in which to do something productive. How about learning a language?

Normally learning a language would require college courses and hiring expensive tutors; well since it’s 2012, it’s about time to push into the 21st century with some very innovative language learning iPad apps.

We have assembled 10 of our most amazing apps designed for iPad that will enable you to learn your favored language this summer. So put on your learning cap and pick up your iPad and lets start our international voyage together!


So its Sunday, you’re snuggled up on the couch reading the weekend paper with a cup of coffee. Oh the crisp paper, the smell of ink, and the convenience of having the news delivered to your door. What if your tradition was flipped upside down? What if you could care less about the smell of ink? Well, PressReader might just be the app for you!

PressReader is a way to view newspapers from all over the world right in the palm of your hand, on your iPad. There are thousands of publications and you don’t end up with stacks of papers lying around waiting to thrown away (recycled, we hope!). So read on as I answer all of your most pressing questions…


Lately you may have noticed the consistent stream of headlines that pertain to user security and data safety. People are getting worried about how secure their mobile devices, and information, actually is. With this thirst for security comes a service and app combo that wants to help secure your personal data.

The service and app is called SecureSafe, a multi-part service that employs encryption on many different devices and on many different mediums. From photos to docs to passwords, SecureSafe can secure them all. Let dive right in!


There are so many cool ways to celebrate the Holidays on your iPad. From holiday classics to delicious recipes, it’s all availible thanks to great app developers. Whether you are big on holidays, have children, are a child at heart, or just want to get extra holiday spirited, let these apps get you in the mood.

The Holidays are here! Let’s get your iPad ready to celebrate with these great apps! What are you waiting for, dive in…


If you are like me, you thrive on music to get you through the day. However, when you need new tunes most of us turn to word of mouth, and get our friends involved! But what if there was a better solution? What if your iPad could help you out! With these awesome apps we can discover, listen, and share these new tunes! In this roundup we have apps to help you discover and listen to new music!

So, if you are ready to rock out with new music, read this roundup and get inspired!


As we all know, the office has left the cubicle and migrated into our digital devices, including our iPhone and iPads. College students, business people, and even casual users often have the need to edit Microsoft Office docs from the convenience and touch screen beauty of their iPad.

Office² HD for iPad provides a host of features and syncing options to keep you in the work cycle. It handles Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with utmost grace. While I, personally, wouldn’t use this app as the primary way to create docs it’s still a very useful app to have – it’s better to look at it as a companion piece of software for your desktop Office programs. So lets check out why I find Office² HD a useful companion to your computer.


In today’s world of light notebook toting individuals and mobile society, many of us forget the large displays of our desktop computers and look forward to the small displays of our Macbook Air and ultraportable devices.

Sometimes, however, the small displays on our notebooks just don’t cut it in terms of screen real estate for some projects or applications. Sometimes we need a little extension. External monitors are a great solution to this problem, but what if your iPad could fill that need?

Air Display solves the problem of normal external displays and lets you use your iPad as a wireless external display for your notebook or desktop Mac. Let’s check it out!


Summer is here and travel season is already in full gear. If you are taking your iPad, there are a few apps you should not do without when traveling. Traveling can be complex, especially for novices. When the time comes, it’s best to be prepared and arm yourself with time savers, life savers, and fun savers.

Keeping up with flight information, booking accommodations, exchange rates, and other hassles can all be alleviated by your iPad. So be sure to pack it when you go traveling. Use the apps in this roundup as your secret arsenal to pull out whenever you need information.


Imagine for a moment that you are downtown at the coffee shop enjoying a latte when all of a sudden it hits you. You forgot to do a task and you need to do it now. You only have your iPad with you, so now you must go home and do the task.

Rewind this scenario just a moment, back downtown at the coffee shop and realize that if you had Screens – VNC Client for iOS, you could stay downtown and complete your task. When it comes to VNC or virtual network computing applications for iPad, there are many, but none are as simple and elegant as Screens – VNC Client for iOS. It’s fast and slicker than many of the other popular VNC applications.

Screens is built with speed and functionality in mind. You can use the application to complete just about any task that you could complete sitting at your computer. This review will cover design, functionality and performance, how it compares with LogMeIn, and pricing.