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You think games are not addictive? Or that you’ve seen it all? Well, think again. Angry Birds might be the best known time killer, but as of a couple of days ago, Tiny Wings HD has been released. The game was very successful on the iPhone, and the iPad version not only sports Retina display graphics, but a whole new play mode. Let’s take a look!


If there’s one thing I am adamant about (except all things Apple) it’s not missing my TV shows. It used to be easy, years ago, when the number of shows was somewhat manageable. Today though, there seem to be hundreds and hundreds of different offerings that compete for your attention. And if you get sucked into one show, it quickly becomes two, five, ten or more. How does anyone keep track of them?

You could check running times online or in your local newspaper, but there’s a much more elegant way if you own an iPhone or iPad, because, well, there’s an app for that. It’s called iTV Shows 2 and we’re going to take a look at it today. (more…)

Words, used by us every day in speech and thought, can have incredible influence on our own lives and those of others around us. It can be the softly spoken magic three words between just two people or it can be words like “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” that touch billions of people at once and will be repeated through the ages. Or maybe you’ll be touched by something as seemingly insignificant as lines delivered in a novel or TV show. To keep them safe and remember them there is now an app for your iPhone and iPad called Quotebook. We’ll take a closer look at it after the break.


When asked what the favorite image sharing service for mobile users is, the most obvious answer of course is Instagram. It’s amazing how a free service has accumulated millions of users in a relatively short period of time and continues to grow in popularity still.

For a long time, the only platform you could use Instagram on was the iPhone. Uploading pictures is still only possible from your phone, but many of us would like to enjoy the images on a bigger screen like the Mac’s or the iPad’s. For the latter, there’s a beautiful new app that lets you immerse yourself in a beautiful Instagram experience. Readers, meet Iris.


If the standard calendar app that comes with every iDevice would suffice, the productivity section of the App Store would not feature as many alternatives as it does.

Depending on your personal preferences and requirements, all sorts of apps vie for your attention. Most of them advertise tons of features, but what if all you want is simplicity and a visual representation of your week? Let Wikly come to your rescue. We take a closer look at the calendar app after the break.


Managing a project can be an exhausting and tedious task. Keeping track of various assignments and the current status of team members can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing it the analog way or using a very complicated piece of software, which requires you to study the handbook for every simple step along the way. Before long, you’ll be frustrated and find the project spiraling out of control, because you can’t bear to look at the project schedule (sound familiar?).

That’s where Timeli comes to rescue. The iPad app allows you to input your important data quickly, manage it visually and rely on many gestures you already know from iOS. Believe it or not, project management can actually be fun. We’ll show you how after the break…


So far we have focused on pure handwriting apps during our review series: the point with those apps was to actually use your finger or a stylus to write on the iPad. Today’s review looks at an app that takes the concept even further and adds true text recognition to the mix.

WritePad and PhatPad, both by the same developer, share common ground but differ in the scope of features offered – ranging from simple text recognition up to complex note taking with the addition of images and much more.


There are handwriting apps and there are handwriting apps. Some of the best we’ve introduced in our series already, but then there is UPAD.

Of course, your personal style of note taking will decide which app will fit you best, but UPAD has such an amazing feature set that it will be hard to find a user that can’t incorporate it into their workflow.


Reading on the iPad is one of the key features that has been praised and advertised. Subsequently, there are a great number of apps out there to allow you to follow the news and stay up to date.

Only a few apps, however, will present the news to you in such a stylish way as The Early Edition. We take a deeper look at the news reader and how it holds up against the competition.


While the iPad is hailed by many as a replacement for a small, portable computer, there’s one thing it doesn’t come out-of-the-box with: file management. The apps on the iPad are mostly a closed environment, not allowing for passing their files around to other apps (with a few exceptions) or even renaming or ordering them in some way.

There are a number of apps available aiming to fill this gap and today we’ll take a look at Zen Viewer, which prides itself as one of the most beautiful and practical file viewers, readers and organizers for the iPad.


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