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Nathan is an experienced music composer and consequently a freelance audio producer . He is an avid reader, recreational guitarist and fitness enthusiast. To converse about freelance audio work, contact him at [email protected], where he'll be happy to give you anything you need.

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Role-playing games are a time-tested classic and one of my favourite video game genres. When you think of good RPGs, the first thing that springs to mind isn’t usually mobile devices, however, that assumption can be put to one side once you try out Pocket Legends for iPad.

Pocket Legends is the most featured RPG and the largest MMO out there for the iPad. I was a bit of a skeptic when I was first told about it; with no price tag, the deal seemed to good to be true. Rest assured though, it has a lot to offer for RPG fans. Lets see what makes this game as good as it is. (more…)

Being a music producer, I love to see when some of the music technology giants, such as Novation, bring classic or even new synthesisers and other cool tech into an app form, such as the LaunchPad — a variety of Korg synthesisers — and this, the Novation LaunchKey.

LaunchKey is a fully-featured synthesiser that has been condensed into an app with some really awesome features and functionality. The app includes 80 preset adjustable sounds for you to play around with and modify to your hearts content. Can the app do justice to its hardware counterpart? Let’s take a look.


Did you ever play the original Scribblenauts game for the DS? If so, you’ll love this. If you didn’t, you’ll like it even better.

Scribblenauts: Remix is a game that allows you to conjure any object in order to complete an equally imaginative set of objectives present across a large array of well-designed levels. It operates on the premise that the sky is the limit when it comes to how you want to complete a level. Read on to see if the iOS version retains the magic found in the DS versions.

Ever since being launched in December 2009, Angry Birds has carved a name for itself in the gaming world. By combining comical graphics with addictive gameplay and chirpy idents, it’s become one of the most played and well-known games of its time. That’s a tough act to follow.

Instead of relying on that classic gameplay that we all know and love, Rovio’s taking a risk by putting out a completely different game mechanic using the anarchists of the franchise — the pigs. Is Bad Piggies a show-stopper like its predecessor, or will it be met by the incessant grunts of avian-diehards? Let’s find out. (more…)

Since being released in 2009, Wolfram Alpha has become very popular over the years. Based on the computational platform Mathematica, written by British scientist Stephen Wolfram in 1988, WolframAlpha is capable of interpreting and answering basic questions such as, “How old was FDR in 1942?” and “What is the distance between the north pole and the south pole?”

A service like this is already accessible to iPad users via the website, however, the app provides a much simpler and more convinient approach to solving all your problems. With the price drop putting it from $50 to $2, do we have a bargain on our hands? (more…)

It’s Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

It’s the clash of the basketball titans— but not between Shaq and Chuck, between arguably the two best basketball titles for the iPad: NBA Jam and NBA 2K12.

Both of these games put a very different take on the sport we know and love. Will Jam’s arcade-style gameplay and oversizes heads trump 2K12’s aesthetics and excellent simulation? Let’s find out. (more…)

I’m a huge sports fan. I love playing, watching and involving myself in variety of sports all the time  — obviously it would make sense then to have a few sports games on my iPad. A dilemma I face sometimes though, is that the market for sport games on iOS is saturated with tons of apps you could really do without. With the Olympics still a recent memory as well, there’s never been a better time to love sports.

In this list, I have been concise in selecting, in my opinion, the best of the best sport games out there for the iPad. These are the ten that offer the most full and exiting experience for the sport in question. Let’s begin. (more…)

There are many racers out there for iOS that all have their own unique mechanics. This however, is a pretty different one from the bunch. With a top-down view and arcade-style gameplay, this isn’t what you’d expect from a fully-fledged racer.

Mini Motor Racing is a fast-paced frenzy to the finish in small, chubby vehicles that scream cuteness. It has solid visuals, great gameplay and a heck of a load of fun in store. Is it good enough to oppose other similar games like Reckless Getaway? Let’s find out. (more…)

The first thing that needs to be said about this game is that it’s miles off what you’re expecting. Literally.

A new take has been put on racing for iOS in CSR Racing. It’s more of a test of rhythm than anything else, as you have no control of the direction, only the speed of the car in very brief races that will never exceed the minute mark. Is this mechanic too much of a change to appeal to any racing fan? Let’s take a look. (more…)

One of the most popular arcade-fighting games of all time has made it’s debut on iOS after over a decade of only being enjoyed in arcades and consoles.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 brings together legendary characters from the Marvel and Capcom franchises together in an action-packed flurry of fists and other appendages that goes beyond the word cool. Whether you’re a fan or not of either franchise, you can simply pick up and play and I guarantee that you’ll still enjoy yourself. (more…)

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