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I’m currently in the throes of consolidating as much of my information and workflows as possible, all the while, pruning redundant apps and services. In that respect, I’ve found myself using Pinboard increasingly more, not only for archival of my bookmarks but also for content discovery and as a read later service.

Therefore, I’ve been on a quest to find the best Pinboard client for iOS. Having sample a myriad of apps such as Pinner,Pinswift, Pinbrowser, Pinbook and Pincase (to name just a few) I now turn my attention to Pushpin to see how it fairs.


I was never much of a mind mapping person — that is until I stumbled into it a couple of years ago. Since then, its become an essential part of my thought process. I often turn to mind maps to help me flesh out ideas and having an app on my iOS device that allows me to do so, is game changing.

Mention mind mapping on iOS and immediately two names rise to the top: iThoughtsHD and MindNode. When time came to choose one, I opted for MindNode — Despite iThoughts being heralded as the best. It’s minimal, almost playful aesthetics drew me in and it was powerful and versatile enough for my needs while being a joy to use.

It did have it’s shortcomings however, but this update addresses many of them, adds a few new features and a new coat of paint too.


Although still one of the most universal and reliable forms of communication, email is quickly becoming stagnant and in need of a change. Despite it being an undertaking of epic proportions, many have taken up the challenge and new services and apps have started populating our devices and permeating our workflows.

One such app for which I had high hopes was Evomail. It promised exquisite design, innovative features and a streamlined experience. Sadly though, it fell short of the mark.


Pinboard is a simple social bookmarking service with a strong focus on speed, discovery and organisation (using tags). With a powerful API, a vast number of ways in which you can add bookmarks to it and blazing fast search, Pinboard is well worth the price of admission and has quickly become the home for the bookmarks of thousands of users.

Pinner is a universal app that leverages Pinboard’s API to bring its benefits and power to the comfort of your device. After having used it as my main Pinboard client for a couple of weeks now, I’ve found it to be of great value and can honestly say that the more popular and mainstream apps are in for some competition. Here’s why.


It’s Productivity Month on iPad.AppStorm! Throughout July, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you both improve your iPad experience and work better and more productively!

Anybody that knows me can easily attest to my “minor” app addiction. Given that I do a fair amount of writing, it’s only natural I have a stronger propensity toward writing apps. I have however reached a point where I feel I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see in a writing app. Their features start to blend together and it becomes increasingly harder for an app to stand out in the sea of iOS text editors.

Write, with some rather unique features and extensive sharing options similar to Drafts, managed to surprise me and shows that there is still much that can be done in an already saturated field.


While there was nothing wrong with Tapbots apps, Tweetbot and Netbot, I had grown increasingly disenchanted with them and craved something new and fresh. When Twitterrific 5 made its debut, I quickly jumped ship and haven’t looked back. Unfortunately, at that time, Netbot remained the best option for and thus I was resigned to using it.

This Monday, however, things changed drastically. Felix, previously only available on the iPhone, crashed the scene by making a big splash. Overnight it catapulted to the top spot in charts across the globe. The success is much deserved and needless to say… Netbot no longer resides on my iPad.


It was at the launch of the iPad 2 that Steve Jobs predicted we would soon be ushered into a new era. One in which the predominance of PCs would fade away and our reliance on them to get work done would be greatly reduced. Fast-forward a couple of years and thanks to better hardware and a steady release of increasingly powerful apps we inch closer to that reality day upon day.

A perfect example of this is writing. I love the freedom and mobility the iPad affords me. I can write up a review or blog post from pretty much anywhere. The only piece missing for a streamlined workflow was the ability to resize images. While there are many capable image editing apps, most are overkill for this simple task, but fortunately Reduce came along to solve that small friction point.


Every once in a while I’m fortunate enough to come across an app that has the potential to significantly improve the way I work. Such was the case when I stumbled upon Actions. I say “stumble” because in all honesty, I can’t recall how or where I discovered the app, but I’m thankful that I did.

Since then I’ve been scheming different ways in which I can harness the power and versatility that this seemingly simple app has to offer and although I’ve been privy to the beta for the last couple of weeks, it still feels as though I’ve barely scratched the surface.


Last week, Jonathan made a very compelling argument as to why we would need an external keyboard on the iPad. Now while I concede that on some occasions this would be a boon — typing on the mini for instance — I have to disagree that an external keyboard is needed. Let me share a few of my thoughts on why I feel that it could even be a hindrance and maybe sway you to agree with me.


Spreadsheets, whether you use them for menial tasks or to crunch some serious numbers, have found a home in almost every computer. Over the years however, they’ve evolved and grown into monstrous beasts that often can grind an older computer to a halt! So, for that very reason, there aren’t that many powerful spreadsheet applications on mobile devices.

The developers behind Permanent, a new and budding app for the iPad, are determined to change that though. Are they off to a good start? Let’s find out for ourselves.

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