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Tracking time and expense can be a difficult and time-consuming task that is often left to the last minute by remote workers and freelancers. However, thanks to the power of expenses and time tracking apps for iPad you can now log time worked more easily over the course of a whole project or period of time through manual entries and automatic timers on your tablet. By recording this data invoices can created instantly, saving you an awful amount of time. Other applications help you to record receipts, making sure any expenses are accounted for.

Read on to find out which apps are AppStorm’s best seven for tracking time and expenses! All of these apps are subscription-based but most come with a free trial.


Today on iPad AppStorm I’m going to round up five of the best iPad retail apps. Each of these applications for retailers possesses great design and smooth functionality, making it even easier to incorporate into your daily workflow.

Retail apps for iPad can help you remove slow and expensive processes when selling in the field, and allow you to keep tabs on your retail business from wherever you may be. These iPad apps for retailers are perfect for those who like to feel in control of their business when away from the store or the computer.

The retail apps for iPad listed below are all based around SaaS retail management sotware. The apps are free to download and amost require a subscription to the corresponding service. Free, or freemium options are available in most cases.

Read on to discover the best iPad apps for retailers!


The iPad has become a fantastic addition to the business environment. Providing an accessible, high quality and application loaded aid that can be easily incorporated into everyday tasks. The best business apps for iPad share web-based counterparts and a significant leader in this market is Salesforce. Providing applications to help you with your sales, marketing, and analytics, Salesforce can easily become the complete solution to your business needs.

Salesforce apps for iPad can be accessed through Salesforce1. Salesforce1 combines multiple web-based applications allowing them to work together simultaneously. Through this application, Salesforce’s communication tool, Chatter, is also integrated — making sure your team can stay connected. An admin app, SalesforceA, is also available, allowing superiors the ability to control employees’ access.

Read on to discover how to use Salesforce apps for iPad to sell more!


Staying on top of your business requires great organization and utilization of powerful business tools. While often overlooked, business intelligence applications are fundamental to improvement, and are a necessary tool for success. These tools are necessary as they allow you, through integration with your preexisting business structures, to analyze data, spot issues and resolve problems efficiently.

Today on AppStorm we’ve picked out seven of the best iPad business intelligence apps. Each application is free to download but requires subscription to a SaaS service in order to use it. Most offer free trials, giving you the option to try before you buy. Read on to find out more!


The iPad is a fantastic tool for helping you to manage your business. With the wide array of applications available you’re often spoilt for choice — this is no exception when looking for an on-the-go mobile inventory management software. But with each iPad inventory management app offering similar features, such as the management of sales and shipping, it’s often hard to distinguish between them.

To be the perfect solution for you, iPad inventory management software needs to offer equivalent functionality to its web-based counterpart and be reasonably priced. Below I’ve looked at six of the best iPad inventory management applications that achieve this. All of these apps are free to download and install, but you’ll need a subscription to the cloud service in order to make use of them. Luckily, most have free trials so you can give them a spin and see which one is best for your business.

Read on to find out more!


When using an iPad to manage your business an application needs to be both aesthetically pleasing on the big screen and possess great functionality, ensuring you don’t suffer in terms of features. Here I’m going to look at seven of the best iPad CRM apps, comparing the differences between them and pointing out the unique factors that make an application special.

All of these CRM apps for iPad serve as handheld companions to cloud-based CRM software and are generally available free to users of those services. These CRMs come with monthly subscription plans, but most offer free trials so you can test if they are a good fit for your business.

Read on to find the best CRM iPad app for you and your business needs!


With a wide range of choice and many tablet-optimized HR applications, believe it or not the iPad is a fantastic device for managing your employees and colleagues. Through these applications managers can track holiday requests, hire employees and gain an overview of working hours. For employees, HR software for iPad makes the process of requesting time off an awful lot easier.

In order to find the best iPad human resources application for you I’ve rounded up seven of the best in this article. All of these HR apps for iPad require a subscription to the corresponding HR cloud solution.

Read on to find out more!