It’s Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

Life can be stressful, no matter how old you are or what you do. Everyone deals with a bit of stress here and there, some more so than others. Being stressed can be harmful to your health and obviously we want to do our best to eliminate it from our life. Zen Bound 2 can do just that for you.

Its a meditative puzzle game that can help you feel the true Zen power, or at least make you more relaxed. Hit the more button to learn about this fun game. (more…)

What is it about us guys and our cars? Simple 4-wheeled machines with the primary purpose of getting us from A to B; and yet there’s something so elegant and enchanting about supercars that allures many of us into (almost) impossible fantasies about one day owning one.

Cars have developed into more than straightforward transportation methods and into a form of artwork; with the design being as important as function in many cases, and millions and millions of pounds being spent every year striving to reach an ultimatum of the two. Road Inc is a wonderful museum to showcase some of the greatest cars that ever roamed the earth, head past the break for an in-depth review.


With the upcoming iOS 5 launch expected sometime in early October, a few people may still be wondering how the long battle between Adobe and Apple will pan out, clinging onto the hope that Flash may appear.

I can tell you now that Flash will not appear in an official form on iOS 5 or any other iOS update. Despite Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO, it is clear that Apple find Flash to be buggy and unstable – they are pushing the modern HTML 5 technology. However, that doesn’t necessarily stop you from having access to flash yourself…

The simple fact is that unless you plan on Jailbreaking and using Frash you are limited to Flash enabled browsers. Read on to find out the best way to get Flash on your iPad!

To test Flash we used 3 methods; Video, Flash websites, and Flash Games in order to provide a solid view of general performance.


Well, if that title didn’t put you to sleep and you’ve made it thus far then you’re in for a treat, because although your mind may cringe at the very word ‘physics’, you’re sure to find a great deal of fun with this game. Gears is a 3D physics-based roller ball game released by Crescent Moon that’s divided into 3 different worlds totalling 27 wonderful levels.

Playing this game may make you significantly more unsociable as you become engrossed in your endeavour to complete it – be sure to warn friends and family in advance!


Many of you will have heard of the notorious Al Gore and his attempts to change the world for the better, and some of you will have seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ – one of his presentations/films educating us on how we are destroying our planet. Well ‘Our Choice’ is the sequel – sort of.

In Our Choice, Al Gore presents the causes of global warming along with many groundbreaking insights and solutions, while skilfully removing the boredom of being told for umpteenth time that humans are evil.

The app (well it’s really an interactive ebook) was wonderfully designed and developed by Push Pop Press, with a superb use of multitouch making it feel like it has been built by Apple – in fact the 2 people behind PPP are ex-Apple developers. This book is a joy to read, and even if you’re not an eco-friendly citizen, it appeals to the inner child inside everyone due to its great finish.