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Yaara is a freelance writer, editor, and a tech blogger. She runs the language-editing service Revisery and enjoys writing about anything thought-provoking (this very much includes food, buckyballs, and her iPad). Find her also at

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There’s just something about the iPad, isn’t there? Things tend to look so good on the iPad, I find that I rarely try to change anything. On my PC, I constantly try to find a better browser, a better reader, but on the iPad I have the tendency to use whatever has been given to me. This is why I never really tried to find a replacement for Safari on my iPad before, even though I often wasn’t satisfied with it.

This all changed when I heard about the new Dolphin Browser HD for the iPad. I’ve heard about this browser for Android, and when it came out for the iPad I simply had to try it. Find out whether it’s worth the switch?