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I’m going admit something to you right now, please don’t think less of me for it. I’ve never really used an RSS reader on my Mac. I didn’t even have a Google Reader account until I had the original iPad in my hands.

I read the news online, sure, but normally in a sligthly haphazard and meandering way; drifting through a sea of news sites and magazines, never commiting to read past the first break.

The iPad has changed me. Could it change the way we read, forever?


When settling down to write, be that short emails or the next chapter of our novel, the environment we’re writing in can have a huge affect on the outcome!

One of the biggest factors that exerts influence over us is the medium in which we are writing – it can fade away allowing total focus, or become more distracting than the house alarm down the street.

Writing on the iPad was something that I originally dismissed as impractical and a more awkward experience than simply using a laptop, which isn’t always ideal itself. I have, however, recently come round to the idea.

One of the major acquisitions that allowed my iPad to gain my affection as a writing tool was the purchase of iA Writer. In conjunction with the Smart Cover it transformed writing on my iPad into a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

If you’re intrigued, we reviewed iA Writer on iPad.AppStorm just over a week ago – you can read it here.

I’m just discovering how intuitive writing on the iPad can be, but I’m fascinated by other people’s experiences. Is there a bold future for writing on the iPad? Or is it always going to be a second rate way to get your thoughts down?

We’d love to know what you think about the writing experience of the iPad, post a comment below and don’t forget to vote!

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week, and special thanks to the kind people at The Skins Factory! I’m excited to let you know that we now have 10 promo codes to give away and the winners have been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:


Well done to the lucky winners, and we’ll be in touch soon with your promo code. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

Following our in-depth review of Zen Viewer HD earlier this week we’re excited to announce that we have 5 promo codes to give away!

Zen Viewer HD is a new, and critically acclaimed iPad file viewer, and manager, that unifies your favourite content in one place. You can read documents, PDF’s, books, user manuals, comic books, listen to pre-recorded audio and music files, record and save audio with the built-in recorder, watch video, and view photos and images. All while utilizing an intuitive folder system!


Apple has seen an unprecedented amount of success with its latest major product line, the iPad. Some estimates put the iPad with a rounded 100% market share, their competitors aren’t even on the board.

As we all know, Apple got there first – in terms of modern tablets – by launching their first product in April of 2010. However, it’s evident that even now, with many tablets on the market, Apple is still leading the pack.

Your choice in tablet probably comes down to personal brand loyalty. Chances are that, if you’re reading this site, you’re somehow interested in the technology industry, and probably have good knowledge of the goings on.

Therefore, from our perspective, choosing Google or Apple is probably up to some sort of brand loyalty influenced by the devices we already own (for example, a Mac user is probably more likely to buy an iPad). However, the average consumer who wants a tablet doesn’t necessarily have any underlying loyalty to a certain brand that dictates their choice. So, why is the iPad the device of choice? What’s behind its insane success in comparison to its competitors?


In the wake of the comScore report on Smartphone market share there has been a blinding flurry of speculation over the future of the Smartphone market. Who will the major players be in two years time? What about five years? How does the information on market share influence the primary platforms that developers will target?

The major hot button topic arising from this report was surrounding the rise of Android and the stagnation of iOS (or decline, depending on who you talk to). While talking in circles about the difference between market share and profitability, and baiting fans loyal to each respective platform, might help drive traffic, it’s not particularly relevant to the situation of the end-user.

One of the most significant discussions that will come out of this furore will be over the desirability of certain platforms for developers. If Android continues growing at its current pace, will all the good iOS developers jump ship? With cross-platform apps, will it even matter?


A year ago the tablet market was almost non-existent, but with the release of the iPad and its ensuing success the wheels were set in motion for a surge of competing tablets.

It’s hard to believe but there were more than a hundred tablets on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year! The tablet market is, the expert’s all tell us, set to continue growing at a rapid pace in 2011 – but who will benefit most from this boom?

Some of the biggest potential rivals for the iPad come from well known developers like RIM, Motorola, and Samsung. But there are also some outsiders looking to steal the limelight, with the likes of Asus and Compal also showcasing tablets at CES.

This glut of competition can only be good for the consumer, inevitably pushing prices down and forcing technology companies to drive towards a better product than their competitors. The question is, however, once the dust has settled in this shootout, who will be the victor?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the biggest potential rival to the iPad. Is there a key tablet that’s been missed? Feel free to comment below, especially if you’ve selected ‘Other’!

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have been chosen, and congratulations are in order to:


Well done to the lucky winners, and we’ll be in touch soon with your promo code – get ready for some extreme curling!

Old Competition Post

This week we have an amazing competition opportunity for you, we’re offering the opportunity to win one of a generous twenty-five promotional codes for Curlington HD for the iPad!

Have you every wondered what extreme curling might look like? Well wonder no longer! Curlington HD allows you to join the Secret Agent Curling Academy and use gadgets, special stones and the interior itself to your advantage. This fascinating game from late medieval Scotland has been given a new twist and brought to the iPad, here is your chance to get involved.

It’s a fun and challenging game that makes great use of the iPad as a gaming device. If you find that the extreme curling all gets too much for you, then the guys from Operatio have kindly included a game of normal curling for you to relax with!

How To Enter

To enter, simply follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on this post with your username. We’ll choose the twenty-five winners at random one week from today. Good luck!

When the iPad was announced for the first time on January 27, 2010, Steve Jobs explained, live on-stage, that there was a niche to be filled.

In Apple’s mind, a charming little void was left unexplored between the laptop and smartphone. Apple had already entered both of those markets, and had put out beautiful products.

It wasn’t the first, but in its mind (and in the minds of many consumers) its products were the best. That was Apple’s M.O. – not to pioneer, but to perfect. To take a concept, polish it, and then market it to the people who can (and will) buy it, use it, and love it.

But, Apple was looking to break into far newer turf this time around.

One of the most compelling and immersive things about the iPad is, without a doubt, the gorgeous screen. If you’re like me then when you’re holding it you become completely enthralled and oblivious to the outside world.

What better for refreshing your enjoyment of your iPad than giving your lock screen and home screen an overhaul?

Today we’ll be looking at 60 examples of beautiful wallpaper design, from landscapes to abstract art, each tussling for the chance to make their debut on your iPad!


Personal computer. A term coined over three decades ago.

In its broadest sense, it can be used to describe nearly every computer in use today. But, when you hear the words “personal computer”, what comes to your mind? What machine do you envision?

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