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Perhaps it’s a little premature to ask this now, but I can’t hold back – I’m fascinated to know what your favourite feature of iOS 5 is?

It’s been available for just over three days, and gives iPad owners access to some incredible extra features – several of which are vying for the prestigious label of best new feature! Will it be iMessage, or will Newsstand prove an immensely beautiful experience on the iPad?

AppStorm readers are notoriously discerning when it comes to apps, will Reminders even get a look-in considering the wealth of incredible task apps available to every iPad owner? How does the location aware feature work in reality?

Is it something other than the big hitters that really floats your boat? Perhaps the addition of multitasking gestures on the iPad makes a huge difference for you…

Get involved with the poll and be sure to leave a comment and enter discussion, especially if you’ve chosen other on the list!

For us iPad owners, October 12th isn’t simply about the release of the iPhone 4S – it’s a big day for us too, as iOS 5 lands! We can finally get our hands on all the new features promised to us before the summer began…

I, personally, am very excited, but I’d like to know the general AppStorm vibe here; is it all about new hardware, or do big software updates also float your boat? Are you making the upgrade a priority?

Will you be downloading it at your earliest possible convenience, or waiting to be prompted by iTunes? Can you wait to get your hands on the new functionality?

It’d be awesome if you’d get involved and let us know your feelings in the comments, and be sure to vote in the poll! What feature are you most excited for? Next weeks poll will be about your favourite feature of the new OS, so get thinking…

This week I’ve thought a lot about the value there is in buying AppleCare for new Apple products. I bought it for my first ever MacBook, but never actually used it, and have never really bothered with it since.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been fortunate not to have any massive problems, or perhaps it’s because any issues I have had have been dealt with without it (often for free), but AppleCare has never seemed worth it. With no moving parts and the generally robust nature of the iPad’s hardware, it certainly didn’t cross my mind as an option for my iPad.

Any serious issues would surely crop up in your first year of use, and be covered by the 1 year limited warranty. In most cases further issues would most likely be caused by mistreatment (giving your iPad an accidental bath etc.) and not be covered anyway.

Do you have AppleCare for your iPad? How do you feel about the value you are getting for your money? Is the peace of mind worth the additional up-front cost?

One of the joys of using an iPad is in how much choice you have when it comes to using it. The fact that you can choose your preferred orientation is a huge progression from almost all computing options across the last few decades, most of which have forced users to work in a landscape orientation.

There have been quite a few studies done into iPad orientation, most of which show portrait beating out landscape as the preference. While some activities are clearly more suited to certain activities, watching a film in portrait wastes an awful lot of space, many are simply down your own personal discretion. Which orientation do you prefer?

If you have the choice, such as when browsing or reading, which way do you naturally turn the iPad? It’d be interesting to know what the preference of the illustrious AppStorm readership is?

Earlier this week I wrote an article on the iPad case dilemma, discussing the various types of cases available and how they affect the way in which the iPad is used. I was fascinated to realise that many people use multiple cases as a solution for their usage situations, I use two myself.

What I’d really like to know is how many cases, or case-type accessories, you use? Are they for various different situations, or can you just not help yourself when you come across a delicious new leather folio case?

A huge industry has grown up to provide us with a wide array of options for the protection, and carrying, of our iPads, how many purchases are we making?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you so wish, I’d particularly love to hear from those who own more that 4 case solutions!

This week I’d love to take a poll on a highly speculative, but nonetheless interesting, question. Is the iPad the final new product from Apple?

First, I should probably clarify the question a little.

I was inspired to create this poll after reading a fascinating article on Cult of Mac that makes a strong statement with its title; iPod. iPhone. iPad. Why Apple is Done Inventing New Devices.

By new devices (or products) I don’t mean the further iterations or development in existing spaces, such as the desktop or mobile phone, but rather the creation of entirely new categories of product. Such as the iPad and its creation of the spuriously named ‘Tablet Market’ (many have argued that there is really only an ‘iPad Market’ at the moment).

Do you think that Apple will now continue to push the bounds in its current areas of influence and leave pushing into new areas aside? Or, is it short-sighted to think that a company such as Apple won’t break ground in ways we can’t yet envisage?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Log your answer and perhaps send a few words this way as well!

Recently there have been a few polls on here that have excluded people not in possession of an iPad 2, and for that I’m sorry. This week I’m going to make up for it, however, with a chance for you to give the main reason behind not purchasing Apple’s most recent technological marvel (excuse the hyperbole).

If you’re a proud owner of the original iPad I commend your decision not to upgrade, the iPad 2 is excellent, but so was the original. The differences are rather small considering the minimum $499 spend.

Is your reason purely financial, are you saving pennies in a jar right now?

What I’m more interested in are the specific reasons why people have passed on the iPad 2, especially if they’re considering the competition. The hot discussion last week was over the iPad 2’s cameras, was that your reason?

I can see good reasons to wait for the iPad 3, especially if you have an original iPad; the possibility of a retina display alone would have many iPhone 4 users on the edge of their seats.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What was the reason you decided not to buy an iPad 2?

This week I’m on a mission to find out what type of iPad case is most popular among the discerning readers of iPad.AppStorm. I’m sure most of us will have a case that we use from time to time to protect the iPad in transit, but which type is the most prevalent?

For the sake of simplicity I’ve taken the executive decision to exclude the Smart Cover from the equation, I was coming up with far too many variables! In my mind if you have an iPad 2 you almost definitely have, and use, the Smart Cover and if you don’t, you don’t.

Besides, you probably use a case in addition to the iPad – I just wouldn’t feel comfortable putting my iPad in my bag with just its (expensive) Smart Cover on.

I know that when I first got an iPad I had a hard time deciding what case would be the right one for me, I’m fortunate that I chose wisely – I’ve only ever bought one zip case and it fits the iPad 2 and Smart Cover like a dream.

Did you face a case dilemma? What did you go with? I seriously have no idea what will come out on top here!

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts, especially if you have a case that fits none of the descriptions!

I’ve included an option to the right that is pretty unlikely: “What’s AppleCare?”

Unless you’ve bought all of your Apple products from eBay or premium resellers then you’ll have been offered it. It’s pushed pretty hard by the staff at any and every Apple store in the world. But the real question is, have you got AppleCare?

It would seem that for items like the iPad, AppleCare is a difficult sell – it’s a significant proportion of the cost of the most basic iPad. The question will enter everyones mind, is it worth it?

For an interesting mathematical discussion of the value of AppleCare it’s worth having a read of this article by Richard Frisch – although it’s not an encouraging read if you have already purchased it…

I’m actually rather interested to see just how many people buy AppleCare for their iPads, I imagine only a small proportion, but I’m prepared to be proved wrong – Apple pushes it pretty hard. The thing is, if your iPad does break in year 2 then AppleCare will seem like a brilliant decision, but how likely is it?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

When giving the App Store a browse, I often like to mix up the way I search for new and exciting apps. Maybe giving Top Charts a miss and heading straight for the New & Noteworthy section, or browsing in a category I haven’t explored in a while.

This week I’d love to know what your favourite section of the App Store is for finding new apps? Are you a fan of Apple’s Staff Favourites? Are you all about the Top Free iPad apps?

While we’re on this topic, why is it that the Genius tab rarely lives up to its name? Even after spending time trying to hone its suggestions I hardly ever find an app that I really like suggested by Genius, do you?

Which section of the App Store turns up the best app results for you?

Feel free to post a comment if you’d like, especially if you think I’ve missed a key section for finding apps in the App Store!

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