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It has been available on the App Store for less than two months but Letterpress already has a massive following. If you are a fan of word games, or even a fan of strategy games, then Letterpress could be for you. It’s completely addictive, and I’ve come up with a few strategies to turn Letterpress matches to your advantage.

In my previous article, Letterpress: Perfecting the Perfect Word Game, I talked about how the app itself could be improved in the future. In this article, I discuss ways that you can raise your game and win more often. (more…)

Most avid players of action games know how to use hand grenades. The little throwable explosives make titles of the first person shooter genre much more enjoyable and provide for an exit where there often isn’t one. There are even smoke emitting models that manufacture temporary refuge. Typically though, grenades aren’t used extensively — they’re just a secondary weapon. This is not so in Fragger HD, an Adobe Flash classic from the early 2000s recently brought to the iPad.

Developed by Miniclip, the creator of the original, the iPad game aims to entertain. Does it live up to such ambitions? (more…)

There are many racers out there for iOS that all have their own unique mechanics. This however, is a pretty different one from the bunch. With a top-down view and arcade-style gameplay, this isn’t what you’d expect from a fully-fledged racer.

Mini Motor Racing is a fast-paced frenzy to the finish in small, chubby vehicles that scream cuteness. It has solid visuals, great gameplay and a heck of a load of fun in store. Is it good enough to oppose other similar games like Reckless Getaway? Let’s find out. (more…)

Slay for iPad is worth your time.

I do mean to be bold, because to look at in iTunes, you might skip it by. This deceptively simple looking game is highly addictive, very easy to get into and most enjoyable. I will be very surprised if you’re not genuinely impressed by the gameplay. If you’re not convinced yet, read the detailed review to get a taste of the game. (more…)

The iPad is my favorite gaming platform. I enjoy gaming with the large, multi-touch screen, and the variety of games makes things even better. With one device I can play ports of classic games, brand-new games, and sequels that may have never happened.

Still, trying to find what to buy for that iPad gamer can be difficult. Here are the best accessories and games to get the guy (or girl) that already has gaming bliss.