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Tax season is upon us again and most people are already dreading getting everything together and filing their taxes this year. In years past I have used Turbo Tax Online to file my taxes but decided to try Turbo Tax 2011 Tax Preparation for the iPad to see if I could completely file my taxes using just an iPad.

Turbo Tax 2011 Tax Preparation allows a user to enter all of their W-2 along with other pertinent tax data and Efile your tax return. The app is optimized for the iPad and can even pre-load your prior year data if you have a Turbo Tax account. The app can import financial data from several financial institutions for interest received, and since it is from Turbo Tax the app will guide you every step of the way.


One of the most efficient uses for the iPad is in the business world. There are plenty of apps out there for business and productivity that have been covered here on iPad.Appstorm, but what about apps for helping you find and get a job?

Back in December I wrote a round up of 15 Apps to Land Your Next Job. One of the big keys to getting the career you want is in the first impression, which is why I wanted to compare in more depth the three apps listed in that article for creating and sharing your resume.

All three include the ability to input your career information, create multiple resumes, and choose from a variety of templates. However, there are some significant differences between the apps. So, let’s determine which one is best for your job seeking needs!


Accepting payments used to be a pain. If you weren’t an authorized business with a way of actually charging a credit or debit card, you were forced to only accept cash. As we continue to grow more reliant on online payments and swiping our plastic cards, this excludes a large number of people – like myself – that would gladly give you some money, if you would let me.

Enter Square. Square is an easy way to get paid, with a full, end-to-end system that will allow you to start accepting payments right away. Is Square worth your time, or is it another ‘easy’ payment system (ahem, PayPal) that promises the sky but fails to deliver? That’s what I’d like to discuss today.


How do you keep track of the bills you have to pay, how much they are, and when they’re due? Perhaps you use sticky notes that you take down and throw away after paying a particular bill. Maybe your monthly expenses are noted in a spreadsheet where you can mark them off the list after putting the check in the mail. Or maybe, like me, you have recurring tasks in your calendar to pay each bill on the day that it’s due.

Some developers, I’ve noticed, tend to take the relatively mundane, day-to-day tasks that might be tedious or disorganized, and try to make performing them a more pleasant experience by designing an app to help you do it. Today, I’m going to talk about Bills On Your Table – one such app by the folks at PoweryBase designed to make the process of paying your bills that much more pleasant.


The stock market in the last few weeks has been volatile to say the least. The week prior to writing this review saw 200 to 800 point swings in a matter of twenty-four hours. StockTouch is a stock market monitoring tool that is incredibly visual in nature so this temperamental behavior has created some interesting and quickly changing visuals.

StockTouch gives you a visual representation of individual stocks and the market divided in sectors and also as a whole. It makes stock and market research quite entertaining, but is it actually useful?


With our increased use of powerful mobile platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, we have the opportunity to keep a lot of our life stored digitally. The finance category of the App Store has always been a popular one, since the promise of an all-in-one solution to monitoring your finances – right in your pocket – is an attractive one.

BudgetBook developer, noidentity, originally released MoneyBook on the iPhone, but that always lacked an iPad app. BudgetBook is a separate app with a separate binary, but clearly draws inspiration from its iPhone brother.


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