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How often do you wish you had more than one timer in the kitchen? How many nights do you cook dinner with at least two pots on the fire and something roasting in the oven too? One-pot meals are fine, but most of the time cooking involves multi-tasking. It’s so frustrating to realize both the microwave and oven timers are occupied and scramble around the house for your phone or another clock while the rice burns and who knows how long the chicken has been roasting? If you’ve ever felt scrambled and unorganized while preparing a meal, KitchenPad Timer is here to help.

Being a good cook begins with keeping a clean, organized workspace. Professional chefs call this “mis en place”, meaning “everything in its place.” KitchenPad Timer isn’t just a remedial alarm clock – it’s a sleek, thoughtfully designed app that provides a bird’s-eye-view of all your timers at once. Never burn the cookies again and always get everything on the table piping hot and perfectly cooked with this handy kitchen utility app.

Keep reading to learn more about how KitchenPad Timer can help you be a better cook.


Are you a Giada de Laurentiis fan? I remember watching her in the early days of Food Network on her Emmy award winning show, Everyday Italian. She’s just as likable today as she was then. Giada isn’t just a Food Network celebrity; she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, owned her own catering company and has proven to be an entrepreneur with seemingly endless amounts of enthusiasm and energy. Several years and one child later she’s still going strong, making regular appearances on the Today Show, writing cookbooks and starring in another popular series, Giada at Home.

If you’re a Giada fan then you’ve got to check out the free Giada app featuring recipes from her latest cookbook, “Weeknights with Giada.” The theme is “Quick and simple recipes to revamp dinner.” Many moms out there may find it a comfort that even a famous chef meets challenges when it comes to getting dinner on the table every weeknight after work. Giada is here for you, with plenty of useful tips and encouragement in video “bites” throughout the app. Looking to revitalize your weeknight suppers? Keep reading to learn how Giada can help.


Are you interested in learning the art of pairing wine and cheese? The Cheese & Wine app is here to help. Award-winning wine writer Max Allen and international cheese expert Will Studd have come together to share their extensive knowledge of fromage and wine in an app that’s approachable for novice foodies and interesting enough for food and wine aficionados. Don’t be left in the dark when your dinner companions wax lyrical over a bottle of wine. Impress your friends by ordering a hand-selected cheese course for the table. Cheese & Wine delivers plenty of thoughtful pairings, helpful tips and descriptive terms to help you learn the magic behind spectacular pairings.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and keep reading to learn more.


If you think healthy food is bland and boring, the Green Kitchen app is here to change your perception. This collection of vegetarian recipes from the Scandinavian kitchen of David and Luise (and adorable young daughter Elsa) focuses on vibrant fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and unrefined sugars. Not only are the recipes delicious, but also the photos are stunning and the app functions beautifully with a sleek and modern design. Bon Appétit magazine agrees, saying Green Kitchen is “proving that even wholesome recipes can make for tantalizing food porn.”

Inspired by their popular food blog, Green Kitchen Stories, the creators offer a collection of 78 fresh and healthy recipes, each including mouthwatering photos. Each one is labeled Raw, Gluten Free, Vegan, Whole Grain or Sugar Free. No matter what your lifestyle is, you’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and cook with nature’s bounty (even carnivores like me). Read on to see more of this vegetarian cooking app. (more…)

Pat Lafrieda’s Big App For Meat is an App Store Best of 2012, and for good reason. Pat is a legend amongst foodies and chefs in the United States. The third-generation owner of LaFrieda Meat Purveyors supplies meat to 1,000 restaurants as well as consumers. Famous chefs go to him for menu consulting and to create custom burger blends. The man has a passion for meat and he wants to share it with the world.

Add Zero Point Zero Production, Inc., the folks behind the Emmy award winning TV show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, and you’ve got the ingredients for a killer food app. If you love meat and want to learn more about meat from the grocery store to the kitchen to the restaurant menu, you need to keep reading. (more…)

Avid amateur chefs (read: yuppies with a spatula and foodie lexicon, myself included) have long been awaiting the culinary app that combines real chefs, killer recipes and the ability to make said recipes in their home kitchens. The Kickstarter-funded (hey, Kickstarter actually worked!) app Panna is basically an epicurean’s dream iPad app. Seriously.

Read on after the jump for the lip smackin’ low-down. (more…)

If you don’t live in New York, chances are you might not be familiar with Sara Jenkins, renowned chef and cookbook author. Her Italian restaurants Porchetta and Porsena are filled with loyal followers, and though you won’t see her on TV, you will find her in the restaurant kitchen.

Sara Jenkins’ New Italian Pantry is a must-have app for food lovers. Sara shares her favorite ingredients that make up an Italian pantry, along with 80 mouth-watering recipes. If your weeknight suppers are getting a bit boring or you’re looking for something special to cook this weekend, keep reading to find out more. (more…)

Rich, sensual, mouth-watering — I’m talking about the latest mobile app from Nigella Lawson. The domestic goddess who taught us to take pleasure in cooking has released a free taster app to get us hot and bothered for her cookbook, Nigellissima, and it’s working. The app and cookbook (to be released in the U.S. February 12, 2013) share Nigella’s lifetime love affair with Italy. Named the No. 1 Food and Drink Free App for iPhone and iPad, Nigellissima is the Sophia Lauren of Food and Drink apps. Stunning photography, sumptuous recipes, innovative design features and behind-the-scenes video interviews with Nigella make for a rich app experience that’s fresh and new. If you’re a Nigella fan, a foodie or an Italophile, read on to learn more about this must-have app. (more…)

As the New Year came and went, many people made typical resolutions to exercise and eat more nutritious foods. If you’re looking to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, you might enjoy Smoothies from Whole Living (a branch of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Inc.). The app is colorful and fun, each screen a themed collection of glasses filled to the brim with brightly colored fruits and vegetable smoothies.

More than a list of recipes, Smoothies from Whole Living includes how-to videos, in-depth nutritional information for each recipe, expanded tips for making the best beverages and a glossary detailing the health benefits of smoothie ingredients.

Keep reading and get inspired to live a healthier, more energized life by enriching your diet with more fruits and vegetables. (more…)

Some people hoard animals, others hoard junk. Me? I hoard recipes. Seriously, they’re everywhere — in the obscenely large number of cookery books that adorn my bookcase, quickly jotted down on my phone, hidden in various text files on my computer and scribbled on scrap pieces of paper all over the house.

Of course, as soon as I go to make a recipe, it’s practically guaranteed that I can’t find the exact one I’m looking for, and after a few minutes of searching, my home roughly resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

Enter My Recipe Jar, an app developed by Zapp Factory Pty Ltd that will help organize even the most hardcore of recipe hoarders. Find out more after the jump. (more…)

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