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After being acquired by Twitter in 2010, atebits seemed to disappear from the app world. Just recently, its founder has surprised us by announcing the revival of the company as atebits 2.0. Its goal? To make things, the first of which being a game.

The brainchild happens to be the game we are reviewing today, Letterpress. While it is obvious that Letterpress is quite different than the rest of the word games available for iOS, is it strong enough to bring atebits back to the developing scene, or does it leave them in the dust? Find out after the break. (more…)

It isn’t often that you find a puzzler that can keep your attention without getting repetitive or annoying. My main problem with them is just that — it’s hard to come across a game that gets you thinking while also keeping you intrigued and entertained. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to review today’s game, The Room, as it promised a new and unique experience.

The Room is a storyline-driven puzzle game with lots of mystery. It goes for $5 dollars and it has received lots of praise, as it was picked as the App Store Editor’s Choice. Are you interested? (more…)

Sonic the Hedgehog is known for his running, but this is one speedster who deserves credit for his jumping abilities. Those skills get showcased in Sonic Jump, which follows the anthropomorphic adventurer as he once again takes on his old foe, Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik). With light speed leaps and launches, Sonic climbs to the top of climate-themed zones in his quest to free captured critters.

Are you ready to spring into action? Learn more about Sonic’s latest escapade after the jump. (more…)

The days of exploring through Shenmue are long over for me, but I can remember the countless hours that I spent playing my Sega Dreamcast. There were two games which got the most use out of my console. The first was the previously mentioned Shenmue, the other was Crazy Taxi. To my great joy, Crazy Taxi is now available on iOS.

The game is the same version that shipped with the Dreamcast and features every bit of crazy driving that you might be expecting. For users not familiar with the game, Crazy Taxi offers the player the ability to drive a taxi around and earn fares based on driving skills and how quickly customers arrive at their destination. Drivers must avoid other customers and traffic, all while trying to beat a game clock. Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

Zombies are on the attack! Why? Who knows — it’s just what they do. But you can vaporize them before they takeover the city and turn it in to their smorgasbord.

Mixing strategy and shoot-‘em-up attacks, Dead Stop declares you the protector of the people. The gore factor is low and the art cartoonish, making this one game that’s as appealing to all ages as it is simple to play. (Don’t confuse simple for easy, though. These flesh-eaters put up a fight!)

Is Dead Stop a feast or famine when it comes to being fun? Find out after the break. (more…)

Harry Potter is an incredibly successful media franchise and much like similarly-successful series like Batman and Indiana Jones, it’s been mixed with LEGO. LEGO Harry Potter brings the storyline of the books and movies to a video game setting that’s interspersed with the charm and style of the long popular construction toy.

LEGO is quite notable for it’s line of tie-in video games, even ones that sit alongside more traditional remakes of popular media. In recent years, these games have made their way into the mobile word, including Harry Potter. Today, we’ll take a look at the LEGO Harry Potter games available for your iPad. (more…)

EA’s annually-refreshed series of FIFA games are an impressive achievement for the developer. Next to Call of Duty, the year’s FIFA game is one of few products to regularly receive overnight queues and widespread sell outs, at least in the UK. And the success of the series is far from unjust with even the most minimal fans of the sport being able to have a great time in the competitive setting.

Sport games aren’t new for iOS but, to be honest, they aren’t something I’ve opted for in the past. However, when FIFA 13 happened to be a launch-optimised universal title for the iPhone 5, I decided to give it a go with some impressive results. Let’s take a look! (more…)

It’s not all too often that we get to review some amazing iOS applications years after they come out. Today we will be taking a look at Flight Control HD, which is by no means a new game, but it is most definitely one of the best to ever reach iOS. Even two and a half years after it was first released, it manages to top the iTunes charts. Learn what makes Flight Control HD a chart-topper after the break. (more…)

One of the things I really love about gaming on the iPad is that there’s such a wide variety of games to play. Whether it’s the visually striking and hard edged Infinity Blade series, or the incredibly simple, yet addicting Doodle Jump, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Personally, I love all types of games, but I really enjoy ones that are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. And if there’s one game that falls perfectly into that category, it’s Granny Smith.Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

Rayman: Jungle Run is exquisite. It’s the very definition of what a platforming game on iOS should be: buckets of fun, gorgeous to look at, and fast-paced.

I’m a bit of a stickler for iOS gaming. It’s tough to impress me. The concept has to be one of those moments where I wonder why I never thought of it and developed it myself. It has to be beyond gorgeous (Infinity Blade II and its predecessor obviously blew me away), but the visuals have to suit the purpose. It has to be easy enough that anybody can learn it, but hard enough that a hardcore gamer could really get into it. Rayman has all of those things in spades.

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