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I’d like to precursor this review by making it very clear that I’m a huge fan of everything produced by Bjango. They have a unique style of application development that always stands out from the crowd, with a range of excellent software.

With their latest release – Sideways Racing – Bjango is taking a step away from their roots in utility/information apps, producing their first game. Based on the quality of previous work, I was thoroughly excited to give it a try.

Read on to find out a little more about Sideways Racing, and see how it stacks up!


Chess. The game of kings.

Since there were computers that were computationally powerful enough, there have been chess simulators. But the king of the chess apps on the iOS platform is so much more than a mere simulator. Without question, Deep Green epitomizes what the independent Mac development community stands for, showcasing the kind of quality that a small dev shop can produce.

These are the kind of apps that I love to review, because they’re simply oozing with style and bespeak a carefully planned design, in every meaning of the word. Let me show you why Deep Green excels so much.


Real Racing HD. The name really says it all. This game is one of the best examples of a racing game on any platform, not just iOS. If you couple the stunning graphics with the intuitive and responsive gameplay, it’s seriously hard to beat.

Today we’re going to take a look at what Real Racing 2 HD has to offer, and look at why it’s a shining example of iPad game design.


As us Apple fans start tuning into the rumour mill for information on iPhone 5, another community is at work preparing for a summer launch of their own product: a new film. Harry Potter fans around the globe will already be excited for the second part of the final instalment of JK Rowling’s popular series about said wizard.

Warner Bros. launched LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 late last year to complement the launch of their new movie. Naturally, this game is available on a range of popular consoles that include Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s DS – but it’s also available on iOS!

The iOS game doesn’t lack punch in the feature or graphic department either, this is a full-blown console game on your tablet!


Ever since it was released in late 2008, World of Goo has been a wildly popular PC, Mac, and WiiWare game. Developed by two former EA developers, World of Goo has been praised as one of the best examples of successful indie games. This past December World of Goo finally has been ported to the iPad, bringing the full game to touch-screens for the first time.

World of Goo has been featured in the App Store and risen to the top of the best seller charts numerous times for one simple reason: it’s one of the best touch-screen games available today. It’s incredible how natural the game feels on the iPad, while the art, soundtrack, and gameplay are suburb. Keep reading to find out more about World of Goo! (more…)

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