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Role-playing games are a time-tested classic and one of my favourite video game genres. When you think of good RPGs, the first thing that springs to mind isn’t usually mobile devices, however, that assumption can be put to one side once you try out Pocket Legends for iPad.

Pocket Legends is the most featured RPG and the largest MMO out there for the iPad. I was a bit of a skeptic when I was first told about it; with no price tag, the deal seemed to good to be true. Rest assured though, it has a lot to offer for RPG fans. Lets see what makes this game as good as it is. (more…)

At the risk of sounding obnoxious, I spend a lot of time trying out new iPad apps, and it’s hard to surprise me. It’s hard to grab my attention and make me take notice, especially with a game. The App Store is filled with endless runners and Infinity Blade clones.

But sometimes an indie game knocks my socks off and completely surprises me. Sometimes, I can’t put my iPad down and play on it way later than I should at night, and then miss out on a good night’s sleep.

That’s a small lie, because I never used to get sucked into an iPad game all hours into the night. But then I played Limbo.


Candy Crush Saga made its much-anticipated iOS debut in November of last year after taking Facebook by storm. Since then, the game has gone from strength to strength, prompting developer to release a further two titles in the Saga series: Bubble Witch and Pet Rescue Saga.

Pet Rescue Saga looks set to perform as well as its predecessor, but is that because Pet Rescue Saga is merely Candy Crush Saga in disguise? Let us take a closer look.


I know what you’re thinking: another freemium city-builder, and yes, while that may be true, Happy Street actually has a bit more depth than your average free-to-play title, and is probably as twice as bizarre.

Similar in style to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, Happy Street revolves around a quaint village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals in which you must tend to the needs of your residents, create a thriving economy, and cover villagers with feces. Sound interesting? Hit the jump to find out more.


I’m pretty tired of flinging birds across my iPad screen and becoming frustrated or annoyed at the results. I’m tired of playing those addictive little games that are only addictive because I’m trying to accomplish a meaningless goal. I really need less of that in my life.

What I could use more of is a game that’s about taking a few breaths and calming down just a little bit. Color Zen is just such a game — one that gives me space to relax while still engaging my mind. Can a meditative puzzler like that hold my attention for more than a few minutes? (more…)

I don’t spend a lot of time playing video games now, but when I do, it’s usually for short spurts on my iPad or iPhone (tell me you’ve never heard that one before). My favourite games on iOS are really simple and highly addictive (Letterpress, Hundreds and Rayman: Jungle Run, if you have to ask).

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a new simple and highly addictive game for both iPhone and iPad called Circles. It’s a memory-based game that tests both your physical and mental reflexes, and your scores (along with your short-term memory) can only improve while you play. Not only that, but like Letterpress, it uses Game Center for its multiplayer experience. Intrigued? Read on to find out whether or not Circles is a game worth investing in.


Most of us have seen the hilariously yet morbidly cute video called Dumb Ways to Die that went viral earlier this year. Something about those cute little cartoon characters singing and dancing to the tune of stupid decisions is just so luring. I mean, setting fire to your hair had never been that catchy before this video.

Now, that adorable video has been transformed into its own iOS game. It is your job to correct the characters’ poor decisions to save them from what would be an inevitable death. Can you survive? Find out after the break.


I’ve been looking for something to replace my go to for time wasting fun. When I’m stuck on the train, I don’t want to have to make eye contact with my fellow passengers. I’ve got my eyes fixed firmly down, glued to my iPad, like any civilized person. So that I’m not just staring at my lock screen, I need a game that’s going to hold my interest.

Recently, that’s been Dots, a game of colorful matchups. I’ll take a look at Dots and tell you just what makes it so addicting. (more…)

When I was in my third year of university, I became a professional procrastinator. By that, I mean that I had no work and no reason to find work because I was too “busy” with school and prepping for exams. And what that really meant was that I was too “busy” playing Flash-based games on an old MacBook. This was back when Facebook gaming was still a popular thing.

In that day, I was completely hooked on a game called Solitaire Blitz, which now has a universal iPhone/iPad app and is available for free in the App Store. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up the game and try it out again, and see how I felt about it a couple years later on a different platform. And how well can a free game filled with in-app purchases designed for a mouse translate to a touch screen? Read on to find out more.


Aliens are invading the Earth! Where are they from? Who knows. What do they want? Good question. One thing is for sure: they must be stopped! The only ones up to the task are the stars of Random Heroes 2, a menagerie of warriors assembled to take on the bad guys on their home turf. Much like its predecessor, Random Heroes, your army and your arsenal must adapt and get stronger in order to destroy the menace that threatens the planet. Think you’re up to the task? Find out what your mission entails after the jump!


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