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The story of science fiction television adventurers SG-1 was recently expanded with the release of Stargate SG-1: Unleashed. After ten years on the air, Stargate SG-1 had a large and loyal following, but fans haven’t heard much of their favorite Earth-saving team in more than a few years. I’ll find out if this new chapter in the Stargate SG-1 saga lives up to fans’ expectations and whether it has anything to offer newcomers to the franchise, too. (more…)

The premise sounds simple enough. We’re here to play golf. Get the little ball that starts on one side of the course into the little hole on the other side. And yet, with Super Stickman Golf, we see how deliciously complicated that process can become. Noodlecake Studios did a fantastic job imagining this classic game. And now they’re back again with Super Stickman Golf 2. Is it the same old story? Is it a different take on the same game? Is it worth trying? Let me try and give you a taste of this great app.

Side scrollers are a dime a dozen these days on iOS, so it takes a really polished — but extremely inventive — game to stand out. That’s no short order. But this genre has been done so well so many times (Rayman: Jungle Run comes to mind) that it’s hard to meet that goal.

That’s why I’m more than a little excited about the latest offering from Frogmind: Badland is sophisticated and artistic with a level of polish that most games would only dream of, but also simple and easy to pick up. It’s gorgeous, but understated. Read on to find out what makes this game so great. (more…)

Charlie Brown and his friends in the Peanuts comic strip and cartoons deal with some depressing stuff, such as loneliness, a lack of adult presence and a failure to kick footballs. But the gang sure has some fun in Snoopy Coaster. The endless runner is molded after Mad Coaster, another favorite produced by Chillingo, but naturally, Snoopy Coaster adds that Peanuts flair by putting Snoopy in the driver’s seat of the runaway train, with Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Peppermint Patty filling the rows behind him. But is this adaptation enough to define its place among the many endless runners and coaster games? Find out after the jump.


Like many people, I grew up watching The Wizard of Oz on television in all its technicolor glory. Who would have thought that almost 75 years after it was first released it would now be available to play in 3D on this high tech gadget we call an iPad, huh?

Developed by newcomer Spooky Cool Labs and licenced by Warner Bros.,The Wizard of Oz takes you on a magical adventure through Oz, following the original storyline that we all know and love, but with a slight modern-day twist. Hit the jump for a nostalgic walk down memory lane, but beware of those pesky Flying Monkeys!


Usagi Yojimbo, a solo ninja warrior who stars in his own comic book and is a sometimes-ally to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, makes his app game debut in Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin. The long-eared rabbit, who carries a katana blade, is on an epic quest that fuses beat-’em-up button taps with a role-playing plot. It’s packed with action, flashy moves and crispy clear graphics that will gain the approval of kids and adults. Find out why you should grab a sword and join Usagi on his noble journey after the jump.


With so many games available on the iPad, for one to stand out apart from the rest, it has to be pretty stellar. Wonderputt is a great physics-based golf game that’s trying to do just that. While the gameplay may seem pretty simple to begin with, the graphics in the game are kind of amazing and throw you into a fantasy environment unlike anything else.

Will the game mechanics of Wonderputt stand up to its awesome ambience, or will Wonderputt turn out to be all flash and no substance? (more…)

I was a child of the 1990’s. This means that I grew up on Sega Genesis and NES – I also owned an N64, a PlayStation 2 and various other consoles and handhelds. In my early teens, the games my friends and I played the most were racing ones. We were all really into the old Need For Speed, Burnout, and Gran Turismo games.

At a certain point, though, Need For Speed started getting a bit stale and we moved on (which is another way of saying we started going out with women). But, in my early university years, Need For Speed re-invented itself with Shift and Shift 2 – realistic driving games that had more in common with Forza Motorsport than they did with Burnout. It was a welcome change. EA also released the titles on iPad, and with no sign of a third version coming, having a look at Shift 2: Unleashed seems apt.


I spent many a college day whiling away the hours on, a trivia quiz website jam-packed full of games. One of these games was Famous Faces (Badly Drawn), a surprisingly difficult quiz in which you had to name as many of the 48 on-screen characters as you can within an eight minute time frame.

Much to my delight, Famous Faces (Badly Drawn) is now available to play on iOS under the name of Badly Drawn Faces, albeit in a slightly different format. Can you guess which celebrity is being (badly) drawn? Find out after the jump!


The iPad is a perfect medium for point-and-click adventure games, a genre that often plays out like visual novels with puzzles. There’s been a recent resurgence in adventure games, and developers are trying to tell stories in new and inventive ways.

The Silent Age, an episodic adventure game for iPad, is no exception. Using time jumps to alter the physical environment, the game relies on the player to make connections between what is, what was, and what will be. We’ll take a look at The Silent Age and see whether time can be rewritten. (more…)

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