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As someone who does the occasional design project and who has been looking for ways to better integrate my iPad into my workflow, it’s only natural that I would start looking for a photo editing app. Recently, there have been several great reviews of photo editing apps such as Photoshop Express and PhotoToaster, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, another app that deserves notice is PhotoForge2 from GhostBird Software. With great app store reviews from professionals and beginners alike, this app is extremely powerful and adds some functionality that exceeds many others in the same category. With complete layer support, adjustments, and effects, this app proves to be versatile and well worth the price.

Keep reading to see all of the features this app has to offer, and how it can easily be your complete photo editing solution on the go.


It’s always good news when an app category already populated by quality welcomes a new contender. PhotoToaster is a photo editing and post-processing app that is designed to make the experience of playing with your photos as enjoyable as it should be.

It’s from East Coast Pixels, the people behind ColorBlast!, a simple processing app that focusses on doing one thing well. PhotoToaster has got a huge number of positive reviews in the App Store, especially for a relatively new app, we’re going to find out whether it lives up to the hype!

Could PhotoToaster be your new favourite photo processing app?


Photoshop doesn’t need an introduction.

Over the past few decades, it has become synonymous with photo editing to such an extent that ‘photoshopping’ has entered the collective lexicon. While being a great asset to professionals, it’s a bit costly for hobbyists who plan to edit their images from their desktops.

Now that a huge amount of image capturing is done by smartphones (or a device thats runs on a smartphone OS platform), it makes perfect sense to develop image editing apps for that very purpose. Today let’s take Adobe Photoshop Express for a spin.


The iPad, it’s not a device for content creation, is it?

Ask many a tech pundit that question, and they’ll say, “No, it isn’t.” But, there’s a flaw in the opinion you’re receiving. You’re asking a writer if they can use the iPad to write professionally. That’s a little more specific a context than just “content” in general. Of course the writer’s answer will be “No”. They’re creations rely on words, on text, and it’s arguably easier to create text with a hardware keyboard than it is with a software one. Can it be done? Sure. I’ve written 1000+ word posts for iPad.AppStorm solely on my iPad. But it isn’t ideal.

The problem with the opinions of many a tech writer, is that they’re leaving out all of the other types of “content” we human beings can create. With its gorgeous 9.7” display, photographs look beautiful on the iPad, and there are some great photo development apps available. And while there’s nothing on par with Lightroom or Aperture currently, there’s nothing stopping someone from building an app of that caliber. Recently, with the introduction of iMovie for iPad and Garageband for iPad, we’ve seen just how wide open the possibilities are for the creation of a wide range of content.

Today we’re going to look at one of the stand-out apps in the art category. It’s another area that captured the imaginations of iPad users. With hardware this advanced, could someone finally create software that enabled an iPad to become the ultimate digital sketchbook? Autodesk has tried, bringing their legendary Sketchbook Pro franchise to iOS. Let’s see how well they’ve done.


Have you ever had to endure the time-consuming task of converting videos to watch on your iPad? Well, I have some good news for you: The waiting is over – AV Player HD plays it all, just as it is. What’s more, it can play full 1080p MP4, MOV and M4V content flawlessly.

So if you have a back-catalogue of XVIDs, AVIs or a host of other formats gathering dust on a large drive somewhere, and you want full subtitle support, aspect ratio control, post-production video effects, external playback, and more,  you’ve come to the right app.

Let’s take a closer look..


There always seems to be another use for the iPad. When it first came out, I figured that it was a great place to showcase my photography work; I could just use the built-in Photo app and flick through to my heart’s content.

The problem is that, although Photos is great, it’s just not classy enough to really feel impressive in your hand. Give your iPad to a client, for example, and watch them accidentally stumble into your personal picture collection – which could be quite embarrassing…

If only there was a dedicated app that looked great and turned your iPad into the perfect portable portfolio. There is, and it’s called Minimal Folio. Could this dramatically change the way you showcase your work?


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