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“Throughout history, people all over the world have invented stories to answer the profound questions of life.” These are the opening words of this interactive book for the iPad. It’s also available in hardback and audiobook, but the authors have also chosen to utilise the iPad platform to bring the book to life, and provide engaging audio, video and interactive tasks to help make the ideas easily accessible.

“The Magic of Reality for iPad presents the real story of the world around us,” say the authors, and they present their work with the exquisite attention to detail worthy of the scribes of old. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

The Olympic Games are, without a doubt, the greatest sporting spectacle in the world. Combining 36 major sports and only the very best athletes, the games also pose a logistical nightmare for organisers and spectators alike. If, like me, you aren’t fortunate enough to have tickets for the next big game, keeping track of specific events and where to watch them can be a truly thankless task.

For the Beijing Games in 2008, I drew up a shortlist of events I wanted to see — complete with times, locations and where to watch them — only to inadvertently miss Usain Bolt smash Michael Johnson’s 200m sprint world-record, one of the most spectacular moments in the history of athletics. However, thanks to the London 2012 Results app, it is almost impossible to make such a mistake again. (more…)

Social networking online is very popular among users all around the world. Interestingly, people prefer to use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter on mobile devices instead of their computers. It’s the most efficient way to keep in touch with people anywhere in the world, whether you are catching a cab or just walking down the street. But all of that is for smartphones — what about tablets? There are many ways to access Facebook or Twitter on an iPad, but up until this month, Google+ has been left out of the picture.

This year at its I/O conference, Google announced that it would be releasing a tablet-optimized app for iOS and Android with the former coming “soon.” On July 10, the company updated its existing iOS app to be universal with Hangouts on all devices and Retina display support on the new iPad. I’ve been using Google+ for a bit and decided to give it a full review. Keep reading for my thoughts on the app. (more…)

Wordflex is one of those apps that’s hard to justify. It’s a dictionary, fully featured with all of the resources of the Oxford University Press, and a thesaurus as well. But why is it $11.99? Aren’t there plenty of free dictionary apps available for the iPad?

Sure, you could take that route with this one, but that’s not my position. I am a bit of a word nerd, meaning that I enjoy learning more about the English language. For someone like me, or another who works with the written word on a regular basis, Wordflex is more than just a dictionary, it’s a tool for productivity — and fun. So I contacted the good people at Wordflex, and was sent a promo code to review the app. Is it worth the price of admission? Let’s find out.  (more…)

If there’s one thing I am adamant about (except all things Apple) it’s not missing my TV shows. It used to be easy, years ago, when the number of shows was somewhat manageable. Today though, there seem to be hundreds and hundreds of different offerings that compete for your attention. And if you get sucked into one show, it quickly becomes two, five, ten or more. How does anyone keep track of them?

You could check running times online or in your local newspaper, but there’s a much more elegant way if you own an iPhone or iPad, because, well, there’s an app for that. It’s called iTV Shows 2 and we’re going to take a look at it today. (more…)

Flying can be a stressful experience, with the potential for disrupted travel due to delays and/or cancellations and incredibly busy airports don’t help to ease the experience. Fortunately, if you’re travelling with an iPad in tow, you can utilise it with the fantastic app we’re going to cover today.

Flight+ is a beautiful flight tracking application that puts a whole world (quite literally) of airline and airport information into your hands, tracking flights in real time and offering up information on both airlines and airports. You can even utilise iCloud to automatically synchronise flight information between multiple devices, so you’re always up-to-date on whatever device you’re using.


Words, used by us every day in speech and thought, can have incredible influence on our own lives and those of others around us. It can be the softly spoken magic three words between just two people or it can be words like “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” that touch billions of people at once and will be repeated through the ages. Or maybe you’ll be touched by something as seemingly insignificant as lines delivered in a novel or TV show. To keep them safe and remember them there is now an app for your iPhone and iPad called Quotebook. We’ll take a closer look at it after the break.


As I’ve moved into the second half of my 20’s and noticed my metabolism slowing down I’ve begun to pay more attention to my health. MyFitnessPal HD is a free app touted as one of the best for keeping track of your daily calorie intake and exercise regimen.

There are many apps available for getting fit and staying in shape, so can this one live up to their ambitious claim that “there is no better diet app”? Will it replace your need for a personal trainer? Read on to find out all that this app has to offer and to determine if it’s worth implementing into your daily routine.


Athletes rely on coaches to provide constructive feedback to help improve their game. Coaches can be a great resource to these athletes since the coach can see movements such as minor adjustments in form that the athlete cannot see. While this is a great way to improve fundamentals and conditioning, coaches may not always be available (depending on your location and/or budget).

Coach’s Eye is an app which uses the iPad camera to record a person performing an action. Once a video is recorded, the video can be manipulated and annotations can be added to show proper form or changes that need to be made. These videos can be sent straight to the athlete for study or shared to other people of interest. The unique feature of Coach’s Eye is the ability for the average user to appreciate seeing themselves performing the action and make adjustments as necessary. TechSmith Corporation, the developers of Coach’s Eye graciously provided a promo code to review this app.


If you’re a Christian, then you read the Bible. There are many ways of doing this, from the traditional tactile book to the Kindle edition. Those solutions are all find and dandy, but what about a digital version of the Bible on your iPad? Actually, there are a lot of apps out there that offer such a capability, but I’m looking at one in particular: YouVersion Bible.

Bible is probably the best way to access the Bible on your iPad, whether it’s for a quick read or some fairly heavy research and note-taking. I’ve been using it for over a year now and after trying out some of the competitors, I must say that it’s the best out there on iOS. But hey, let’s take a deeper look, shall we?


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