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Forgive me, the pun in the title isn’t even my own. It’s merely the given name of one of the intriguing chapters in Color Uncovered, one of the most visually engaging apps I’ve ever reviewed – but not in the way you might be thinking!

Whether you’re a curious child, a fascinated adult, or a desperate science teacher who needs some inspiration for teaching the theory behind colours to students, Color Uncovered is an experience to behold.


We’ve all been there. Writer’s block, designer’s block, whatever sort of mental block, we’ve all experienced it. Perhaps you’re feeling unmotivated. You might be afraid to take the next step, or maybe you’re just not sure what the right decision is and so you’re not moving forward.

Whatever the reason, we’ve all had a moment where we’re just feeling very stuck. For those moments, Unstuck is the app for you. Unstuck aims to help you uncover the reason that you’re feeling stuck in that moment through a series of questions and decisions. After discovering the reason you’re stuck, it takes you through one of several exercises to help you find whatever it is that you need to move past that moment.

Unstuck is an incredible and free application. Whatever the reason is that you’re feeling stuck, Unstuck will be able to help you out. Read on for a more detailed description, a sample exercise and some thoughts on the app.


When I downloaded Moonbot Studios’ first production (The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore) I was amazed at the combination of story, animation, and interactivity. Not only did I have fun with the app/book, but I was able to watch in wonder as my nephew flicked, tapped, and played his way through the app. He loved the book. I loved the book.

With The Numberlys, Moonbot Studios’ second offering, has the company hit a sophomore slump, or is this just as magical as the first experience with Morris Lessmore? Let’s find out.


Remember last year when the Tapbots team introduced a new kind of Twitter app for the iPhone titled Tweetbot? It had a revolutionary user interface, unique sounds for actions performed, and many exclusive features that other clients just didn’t offer at the time.

The app allowed you to do more with Twitter than you ever thought was possible by taking the API to its full potential. Many users saw it as the next Tweetie for iPhone, with even more enhanced features. Our own Matthew Guay recommended that you switch to the fresh Twitter client last April.

Yesterday, Tapbots introduced Tweetbot for iPad and brought the entire experience to Apple’s tablet. Now you’re probably wondering, is it as revolutionary as the original iPhone app was? Keep reading to find out!

The iPad is a wonderful device for consuming digital comics, but there are several caveats. Most comic apps allow the user to purchase comics, but these comics are restricted to said apps. This means that the comic connoisseur may have to use several applications to view his or her comics. The user is faced with several different reading experiences and is stripped of any ability to meticulously organize his or her collection. Organization is a large part of comic book collecting, and comic books lose their magic when the ability to organize is taken away.

Comic Zeal by Bitolithic helps comic book fanatics to reclaim their libraries. The app allows users to manage their collection and completely customize their reading experience. Can any app provide the same satisfaction as delicately turning a page or carefully sealing a valuable Superman in plastic? Read on to find out.

Pepperplate is a service which aims to revitalize your kitchen workflow. Currently you might be stashing PDF recipes in iBooks or saving recipe webpages in Evernote but with Pepperplate your recipes can work smarter.

Before you can use Pepperplate you will need to go here and create an account. Creating an account is free and allows you access to your account from the web, iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Pepperplate is your go-to kitchen app. The app can store recipes, plan meals, and create shopping list from your recipes. The app supports timers while cooking your recipes and you can share your recipes through email, Facebook, and Twitter.


The iPad has taken on many more uses than its critics initially thought possible, but one of the main uses that has stayed consistent from day one is that of media consumption. The iPad is great for many things, but consuming media has to rank near the top.

Specifically, it’s a wonderful device for watching videos, and many applications are now available for watching all of that free video content on the Web in a multitude of interesting ways. We’ve recently reviewed Squrl and Denso and today we’re going to take a look at Frequency and Vodio, two other players in this market. These two applications are similar to each other in some regards, but take some different approaches to watching video on the iPad. Let’s see how they stack up against each other…


As much as the iPad is touted as a great portable content creation device, it still makes a stellar video player. In fact, I watch more video content on my iPad than any other device, including my TV, and most of that comes from independent sources like YouTube channels and blogs.

Denso is a video consumption, discovery and organisation app, allowing you to watch content from more than 250 different sources from around the web, all in one place. With Denso, you can subscribe to channels of content to be watched back in a continuous, auto-playing playlist and even downloaded to be watched later. Read on to see just how good it is!


My average workday consists of me sitting in front of the computer, hammering away at a keyboard while I try to let some kind of ambient noise filter through the house. Sometimes that’s my iTunes library, but since baseball season ended, I’ve been looking for some kind of video option that would keep me peripherally entertained while I got some work done.

Then I discovered DirecTV App for iPad, an app that with its recent update now has the ability to stream live TV. But is it worth the hype? Let’s figure things out after the break.


Booking a hotel for your vacation used to be fairly boring. Unless you were rich you would probably end up staying in some Super–8 or Holiday Inn (my apologies if these aren’t well known outside of the US) leaving a lack of variety and only the promise of a free ‘Continental Breakfast’ getting you through the trip.

Jetsetter is going to change that. While the name implies that the app is focused on getting you to your vacation, Jetsetter is actually an app that allows you to view sales for places that you can stay while you’re on your vacation.


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