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Many of us use Facebook for talking to friends, reconnecting with family, and doing our best to avoid stalking our ex’s profile. Since the day the iPad was launched, Facebook users had three options: use the iPhone app in a horribly pixelated 2x view, visit the site with Safari, or download a third-party application. All were less than ideal, and many users have been clamoring for a native iPad app for some time.

It’s here, and we’ve got the full review below.


Since the release of the iPad there has been a dearth of decent weather apps. Apple decided not to build one themselves, thus leaving the door wide open for someone to make a gorgeous and unmissable weather app – but this didn’t really happen…

Weather HD was an early addition to the App Store and has some great plus points; it looks great and makes full use of photography on the iPad. But there was a catch, it lacked the actual information that you want from a weather app, making it enjoyable but somewhat redundant. More recently Aelios has come along and made a strong statement with its interface, and given the weather category a shot in the arm, but it lacks simplicity in its execution and certainly isn’t everyone’s idea of perfection.

Fear not, there is a new kid on the block. Magical Weather is a simple, yet powerful, weather app that I believe exemplifies what looking up weather should be like on the iPad! Read on to find out more…


Internet shopping has become a way of life for many people. Especially as it’s easier than ever to shop while on the go with sites like eBay and Amazon having mobile apps. Keeping track of your deliveries is entirely another matter. Scraps of paper, or maybe even a folder or label in your inbox are what most people probably resort to. The problem is compounded if you’re an eBay seller as you’ll need to keep track of outgoing packages as well.

I first heard about Delivery Status a few years ago when it was just a free Dashboard widget for Mac. When it became a fully-fledged iPhone app, I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s now available on iPad too, but is it worth the money and does it really make keeping track of your deliveries any easier? Read on to find out…


How does the Kindle app measure up to the Kindle device? Taking into account the more obvious differences such as screen technology and greyscale/colour, has the function of the popular Kindle device been adequately matched or improved upon in the iPad app? What thought has gone into the function and usability of the application, and its interaction with the wider technological world?

Are there similar ways to configure the reading experience? Are all features supported across both platforms?

Let’s explore these areas a little…


As someone who travels quite a lot, I know that it isn’t always easy to find something to do in your dead times. Whenever I find myself at a loose end, I usually just go for a walk to try and find an interesting place to eat or an interesting shop. But aren’t we living in the age of technology? Shouldn’t there be an easier and more convenient solution for finding things to do?

Well, if you are looking for a simple mobile app to get you going in seconds, Highlights has got you covered. It’s a great little iPad and iPhone app that can help you find all sorts of interesting places around you. How does it do it? Let’s find out!


There are over 65,000 iPad apps in Apple’s Appstore, wouldn’t you like some help in deciding not just what’s awesome and worth your time, but good value for your money too? Wouldn’t it be good to see what other people are buying, what’s hot just now, and what applications have stood the test of time with consistently good reviews?

App prices fluctuate all the time, so how about being notified when an app you’d like comes down in price? What about seeing the complete history of all app price changes?

All of this information is available through the excellent website,, but recently AppShopper have released an update to their dedicated iPad app. And just in case you’re already wondering how much all this excellent information is going to cost you, AppShopper for iPad is free..


For a while now we’ve been able to watch movies and TV shows on the go with smartphones, but the experience can be less than enjoyable. When the iPad was released it seemed like the perfect combination of size and portability for easily watching media while traveling.

The Crackle app brings feature films and television offerings to the iPad for free, but how does it stack up against other free and paid apps in this category?


Whenever a new technology comes along, be it completely original, or an improvement of an existing invention – it’s never too long before people find ingenious new ways to use it. Such is the case with the Smart Cover.

The best ones make the new technology look even better, and can sometimes change its focus in the long run. While this isn’t directly the case for Evernote Peek, it must be said that it’s a brilliant concept – simply peek under the cover to prepare for a quiz, practice a language or strengthen your memory.

Lets take a look at the newest creation from the ever-productive people at Evernote and see whether it’s a nice gimmick or a truly useful addition to your iPad.


If you have never heard of The Onion, then you’re in for real treat. If you have, but haven’t yet got yourself The Onion app for the iPad, then read on in eager anticipation of the link to it at the bottom…

The Onion refers to itself as “America’s Finest News Source”, and I’m not going to argue. Depending on my mood, The Onion is either the first or second place I go for my news; either to prepare me for, or soften the blow from, the actual news. Its particular brand of satirical humour, even after years of loyalty, continues to feel fresh and original – that they have created a bespoke app for the iPad is good. News.


Around 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The printed word was a rare and valuable commodity in his world, and few people could read the few books there were. Books were painstakingly copied by hand, and represented years of work in making each volume. Now, in a day, Gutenberg could print more than you could write by hand in a year.

Fast forward 440 years. The motion picture was just becoming a reality, before most people had even had their own photograph taken. Before long, the world’s favorite pastime took us away from books, keeping us instead glued to our screens. First movies, then broadcast TV, and now iTunes rentals on your iPad, all bringing the magic of videos into more of our lives.

Last year, Steve Jobs announced the iPad as the eBook reader that would stand on the shoulders of the Kindle, and push eBooks to the next level. While both iBooks and the Kindle apps have made reading a great experience on the iPad, most eBooks to date are either plain text without even the formatting we’d expect from a paper book, or huge image or PDF files that don’t scale well. Neither make the book substantially better than it has been for centuries.

Then Moonbot Studios came, and showed the world how the future of books and movies had changed.


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