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Having long been a Microsoft-only stalwart, and a compelling reason for Mac users to keep a Windows computer lying around, Fruity Loops Studio has unexpectedly made the jump to iOS.

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch versions of FL Studio Mobile are now available, perhaps signalling an increased possibility of a future Mac version too. Let’s take a look at how well this much loved software translates onto the iPad…


When people I know first get their hands on an iPad, or an iPhone for that matter, the first thing they ask me is: “What good free apps should I download?”

I happily suggest a few, and then venture a number of powerful apps that cost a couple of dollars. I’m regularly met with some kind of shock, as if it would be outlandish to spend even a dollar on an app!

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed by this sentiment. While there are undoubtedly a huge number of great free apps out there, the fact that someone who has just spent $500+ dollars on a new piece of technology somehow can’t see the value in paying even a few extra dollars for quality software is beyond me.

I am perfectly happy to spend a little money on something that will greatly increase my productivity or significantly improve the functionality of my iPad – I’m even coming round to the value of quality games!

This review is for people who value quality applications, even if they happen to come at a price. djay is a beautiful example of professional quality software that appeals to music lovers of any persuasion. Read on to discover the great musical power you can have at your fingertips!


There were many highlights from Apple’s launch show for the iPad 2, the Smart Cover made some huge waves! But for me, one of the most engaging moments (apart from seeing SJ take the stage) was the demonstration of Apple’s revolutionary new music software.

Garageband has been a staple piece of shipped software with Macs since way back in 2004 and, while being a solid and stable option for many musicians, hasn’t made a true impact on the use of more professional music software – and certainly hasn’t engaged with non-musicians in any hugely meaningful way.

Could this all be about to change?


Explaining the history of jazz sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it. Trying to encapsulate the birth, cultivation, and evolution of a style of music isn’t a task to be taken lightly.

It’s far from a linear story, there are many characters, subplots, and pivotal moments to consider. What medium could accomplish such a feat?

Certainly it could be the inspiration for a documentary, or even a mini series. No doubt a wealth of books have been written on the subject. And the naturalness of an album or compilation series would be hard to deny. But by my estimation, none of these options by themselves are enough. To do this history justice, some conglomeration of them all would be needed.

Enter the iPad. And along with it, The History of Jazz from 955 Dreams.


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